• Its a no-brainer

    You cant walk straight drunk and you can be as high as the moon and still be able to at least walk. Along with other pleasant affects that are arguably better than alc, there is 0 hangover. You wake up much more refreshed and better, there are potheads who can ruin their lives with tree but thats not everyone. And if you going to point fingers go look and some alcohol statics, or that one drunked fool in your neighborhood and you chose whats better Sherlock. Wait you don't smoke, drunken Sherlock, oh wait that dosent work either, alc is lame tbh

  • Power To The Flower

    Alcohol has broken up too many families, caused far too many fatalities and is too big of a problem in society. Honestly I think pot is healthier because it provides a lot of benefits unlike alcohol. Pot is more of a medication than an illicit drug and its time we started treating it that way.

  • It's so obvious. Is there really an argument?

    If there's a guy at ball game or in public starting a fight, making a scene. Is he stoned... Or is he drunk?. I'm sure most stoners would agree that this sort of idiotic and often ignorant behaviour is exactly why it should be legal and alcohol less so.

    Not to mention that hemp could save the world. It's research is needed more than ever!!. We're losing this war to save our planet and leave it a better cleaner place.

    Get educated people. Read. Read. Read

  • Marijuana is better for you than alcohol.

    Marijuana is better for you than alcohol. I believe they both have health benefits and disadvantages. However, I have not heard of anyone having an accident on a roadway and endangering others while under the influence of marijuana. I believe drinking and driving endangers the lives of everyone around them.

  • Weed improves you. Smoking allows people to view the world from a different, more heightened perspective.

    I have been smoking weed since the age of 15. However it is only since I went to university, and the substance became readily available, that I could be deemed as a regular smoker.

    Smoking weed does not ruin your personality. Smoking weed does not damage your ability to put together a concise and thought-out argument.

    What smoking does do, however, is allow you to sit back for a moment and take stock of your life.

  • Yes it is

    I believe it is i do nothing but smoke marijuana and i feel totally healthy no hangovers nothing i feel great i find it ridiculous that it is not something that is legal and that we are not prepared to accept its sister plant, hemp, as we can be energy independant on hemp

  • I dont know a headline i jist have everything explained underneath.

    There are nearly 0 marijuana related deaths or crimes...Alcohol, is the reason for many crimes and deaths these days. Alcohol improves the chances of getting certain kinds of cancers..Marijuana reduces those chances. Alcohol is toxic, more addictive and addictive. Marijuana isnt toxic, less addictive and it keeps the brain safer from harm. It makes you happy l, feel relaxed and it liberates your mind without leaving you puking, in the hospital or with a hangover like alcohol does. It is absurd that governments are promoting alcohol usage instead of marijuana usage.

  • There is no legitimate argument against pot.

    I honestly dont understand how society has completely accepted the the use and often overuse of alcohol and yet smoking marijuana remains a taboo. Marijuana has led to zero deaths while alcohol continues to kill thousdands and ruin many lives each year. Alcohol leads to aggressive, obnoxious, and often violent behavior while marijuana use allows you to chill out, enjoy and appreciate life and other people, and basically enhances all pleasurable experiences without endangering others. I challenge anyone to produce a legitimate, data driven argument for why alcohol is better for society than marijuana.

  • I would rather smoke weed than drink

    I would rather smoke weed than drink any day. My reason for this is because I have more self-control when I'm high than I do when I'm drunk! It helps me with my stress and gives me an appetite. Also, it changes the way I see things...Example: My favorite thing to do is look at nature (ex.trees, sunsets, sunrises, etc). I still drink and I am drunk right now but if I could go back in time I would have rather puffed on that 'grass' than drank...And this is why i would rather some weed until I green-out than getting alcohol poisoning and facing death.

  • Alcohol = ETHANOL

    Simply put, marijuana is a natural plant. Alcohol is a man made product. Alcohol is ETHANOL. Ethanol is used as fuel! You probably put it in your car everyday. I'm not saying you can drink a gallon of gas and get drunk, nor am I saying you can stuff shots down into your gas tank instead of going to a gas station. What I am saying is that after knowing that alcohol is basically the same substance that can fuel a car or other engines, it has to be bad news to consume! Thousands of people die from alcohol every year. Not one recorded death from the sole use of marijuana has been recorded. EVER. It has been proven to have medicinal qualities yet is still a Schedule 1 drug? Along side of heroin and other terrible drugs. A Schedule 1 drug, according to the United States Gov, is "A drug with NO medical uses." Yet Cociane is a Schedule 2 drug?! IN OTHER WORDS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SAYS COCIANE IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN MARIJUANA. Therefore, I do not buy into the lies I have been fed my entire life about marijuana. It is simple that alcohol is definitely worse for your health considering your liver which is responsible for cleansing your blood can't even keep up so it just stays in your blood stream. It's simple that the harmful effects of weed have been exaggerated. What this with an open mind and I promise you will think about marijuana differently then you did before. Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=jT-UIe7l3-Q

  • Well, marijuana Is very dangerous.

    I think that pot should not be legalized, Because it is a substance that for some reason was put illegal in the first place. I know that both are addictive so it does not help society either. Pot is dangerous in a way that we do not accept it being dangerous. We see a lot of people say that Pot is harmless, No it's not I know a lot of people who have left school, left jobs, abandoned family, started robbing just to smoke pot. It is not a good thing. None of those are good.

  • It's not worse for you either.

    I don't think marijuana is any healthier than alcohol, but I don't think it's any worse, either. Both marijuana can affect different people in different ways, but they can both lead to mental impairment. However, neither one is particularly severe and I don't think there is any particularly strong reason to keep marijuana illegal when alcohol is perfectly legal.

  • It's no better or worse

    Both of these substances are just that - substances. Using either of them can develop additive habits or trends with a person that are not good for their health. Neither of them are beneficial for you at all. For this reason, I wouldn't say marijuana is better for you than alcohol because both are, at the end of the day, drugs and are inherently not good for you. Yes, marijuana is not as bad for you as alcohol is if were talking explicitly in terms of harms and benefit, but that does not make it better by default.

  • Strength of substance is clear in alcohol

    People know what strength of alcohol they are drinking,and as you drink you are aware of the effects.Whereas skunk is very powerful and people smoke it all at once not realising the strong effects take time to kick in.Also skunk can cause psychosis as well as people losing years of their lives without realising where its gone as theyre high and they dont remember.I would be in favour of legalising the weaker pot you got im the 60s but nowadays people grow for potency and that is where the problem lies

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