• Yes it is worse

    Because alcohol only consist of one substance ethanol in fact Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals including cancer causing substances that are also found in tobacco. Alcohol will only last a few hours but on the other hand THC which is a marijuana chemical can stay in your body for weeks or even months.

  • Yes in the long run

    If two people sat at a table and one took alcohol and the other marijuan one is not more at risk then the other. However if you look at long term use of alcohol to marijuana they are in more danger with marijuana. Marijuana will eventually get old and the person is more likely to move on to harder more dangerous drugs.

  • Causes Same Lapses in Judgment

    Marijuana is at least as dangerous as alcohol because it causes lapses in judgment just as booze does. The difficulty is that studies with alcohol and its detrimental effects are more widely known. Since marijuana is supposed to be illegal, studies with THC aren't as common. Now that pot is legal in Colorado and Washington, perhaps scientists can study what pot does with more certainty.

  • Marijuana is way safer than alcohol in short and long term

    There is no concrete evidence that marijuana leads to harder drugs, and there is also no concrete evidence that it is more harmful to your body than alcohol. There is concrete evidence however, that no one has ever died directly from marijuana in the short term and long term, while alcohol as killed people both in the short term and long term.

  • No, Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol.

    No, Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol. Marijuana has a calming affect, where as alcohol can and has lead to many fights and car crashes. There are no known reported deaths from marijuana while alcohol kills thousands every year, from liver disease, drunk driving acts and violence, like fights, shootings and stabbings.

  • Its far safer

    Marijuana is far safer than alcohol, a substance that damages almost every part of the body and is both physically and mentally addictive. Marijuana is detrimental in excess, as are many things, and I personally avoid it, but at the same time, its certainly less harmful than alcohol to both people and their families.

  • Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol.

    Marijuana is not more dangerous than alcohol. Marijuana is a naturally growing plant and is not man-made. There seems to be no negative effects to using marijuana versus those who use alcohol. Also alcohol can impair judgment and slow your reaction times. Drunk driving is also a factor in alcohol that is not with marijuana.

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