• Its a joke

    Marijuana prohibition was put into effect by a man who had no scientific evidence to support its dangerousness nor its lethality. Its not physically addictive. However with that being said it is by no means harmless. Its great medicine. Its has helped lots of people. The government has spent a trillion dollars on the drug war and usage rates have increased by tenfold since failed policy's inception back in the 30's. Nonviolent marijuana arrests account for approximately 1 out of every ten arrests in the united states. Just legalize it. Tax and get the money so we can use it for investing in our country so that we may not pass our trouble off onto posterity

  • It should be legalized

    I definitely find it more valuable to be legalized and regulated; I still oppose street sale though. This would reduce drug crimes and the crimes related to and will stop wasting taxpayer and citizen time and money on marijuana arrests. Which of course I'm sure the courts make some money on (often sending people through costly misdemeanor intervention programs). They'd probably make more money and get a happier society if it was taxable and regulated for sale for those over 18.

    Meanwhile, I personally hate weed and will have no part in it.

  • Prohibition always fails

    Visit any college campus and the marijuana use is out of control. Yet, so far as I can tell, it hasn't had any detrimental impact. You never hear about someone high on marijuana going out driving and causing accidents. They're usually just sitting on the couch eating Cheetohs and procrastinating on their homework, not all that unlike nonsmokers. Alcohol is a far bigger issue in this regard, yet it's legal.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Yes, it absolutely is.

    To say any differently would be an admission of complete ignorance. The only thing marijuana prohibition has succeeded in is wasting taxpayer dollars and ruining lives by locking up nonviolent offenders for the sale and possession of a natural and relatively harmless substance. Marijuana prohibition also unfairly targets young, lower class African American and Latino males. Prohibition and the drug war is a complete failure, especially with the widespread change in attitudes regarding marijuana's use both recreationally and medicinally. It's time for us to give it up already.

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