Is marijuana sufficiently harmless to be considered a medicine?

  • Yes, because dank is love, dank is life.

    Just blaze it nigga! Marijuana is definitely harmless.. I guess. When I was 7-year-old fuckboy I used to blaze the good old chronic. So many memories.. I used to get high everyday, even in school. I once got caught by my teacher, but it turned out that he was a smoker too xD. All I am saying is that just fokin blaze it m8.

  • Occasional Marijuana Use Is Harmless

    In our society moderate consumption of alcohol by responsible adults is not only legal but completely socially acceptable. Marijuana is far less harmless than this other (totally acceptable) drug in almost every way, especially in the ways alcohol is most problematic to society. Many people who drink get very drunk which can be harmful to one's health but can also, in extreme cases, lead to alcohol toxicity and death. Nobody has ever overdosed on marijuana and most users of marijuana do not use extreme amounts of it at once. Alcohol causes people to be aggressive and violent. This leads often leads to bar fights and domestic violence. Marijuana, on the other hand, mellows people out and causes a decrease in aggressiveness. Thousands of people are killed every year due to drunk driving. Although marijuana does cause some impairment (unlike what many marijuana smokers claim), it is far less than the level of impairment caused by alcohol. One study reported that a person high on marijuana never exhibited a level of impairment greater than what somebody with a BAC above .08 (the legal limit) would have. Also there has been no strong evidence to date showing marijuana causes brain damage and/or cancer of any kind even with heavy, long-term use. These are just some of the reasons why I personally find it mind-boggling that marijuana is illegal and alcohol is perfectly acceptable to occasionally use.

  • Pot is Safer than most prescription drugs

    Listen to the disclaimer portion of any drug commercial and compare that mile long list with the side effects of medicinal marijuana. Not only will you find about twice as many side effects for the prescription drug, but you will also discover that the severity range of the possible side effects will be significantly worse as well. You can probably come up with a few other reasons why pot shouldn't be a medicine, but its level of harmlessness as compared to the harmlessness of prescription drugs will never be one of them.

  • Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug

    Marijuana may have somewhat harmful side effects, as does any drug, but unlike what most people are convinced to believe, it is not a gateway drug. The use of marijuana itself can in no way encourage its user to graduate to harder drugs like heroine or cocaine, however, illegal suppliers of this benign substance are infact the real gateways. Buyers who want to purchase marijuana are often encouraged by their dealers to try more serious drugs such as heroine and cocaine. This all leads back to the prohibition of marijuana, making it associated with other illicite drugs through an illegal market, despite its many health benefits compared to other drugs.

  • It is sufficiently harmless

    Marijuana isn't harmless, and that's pretty simple, pretty known, and pretty true. However, on the balance, lots of medicines have side-effects, and lots of medicines have very severe, crippling side-effects. So although marijuana is not harmless, it is not harmful to the degree that it should be excluded from medicine-hood.

  • Marijuana is harmless enough to be considered a medicine, because the side effects are less dangerous than many prescription medications that are already prescribed.

    The side effects of marijuana are relatively benign, especially when compared to many medications that are already on the market. It is not life-threatening, and has a low risk of complications. Many of the medications that it could be used as a substitute for actually pose a greater health risk, and have more serious side effects.

    Posted by: BoorishKraig93
  • Marijuana should be considered a medicine, due to it unique medicinal properties.

    Marijuana should be considered a medicine. It has medicinal properties. It isn't going to make a cancer patient try crack. I mean, it really can be used to help out, when nothing else will and, according to recent class action law suits, I believe it can be used for depression, with less harmful side effects than all the current anti-depressant drugs that they give people.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Marijuana is reasonably harmless, and has proven medicinal effects.

    Marijuana is sufficiently harmless enough that it can be considered as a medicine, in light of its proven medicinal benefits in areas such as pain relief and nausea reduction. While marijuana does have side effects, some of which might be harmful, especially if it is smoked, as opposed to vaporized or eaten, most medicines also can have harmful side effects. The harms caused by marijuana are less than the harms caused by many accepted medicines.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • Yes, because if marijuana works for treatments, and no one has ever died from its use, then why not?

    Marijuana is safe enough to be used as medicine. When was the last time that you heard of anyone dying from marijuana use? People don't die from its usage, and there are very few, if any, marijuana deaths reported in the world. Now, can the same thing be said about synthetic drugs? There are many documented cases of people dying from using all sorts of man-made drugs, yet, for some reason, we continue to use them. People need to get over the "evil illegal drug" stigma of marijuana. Cigarettes are virtually the leading cause of death in this country, and they are still legal.

    Posted by: gwynisin
  • Yes, it is harmless enough that it does not matter whether it should be considered a medicine

    This debate galls me to no end. There is no research indicating that marijuana is any more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes, and much that indicates that it has less side effects than both. On top of that, there are a range of illnesses, from cancer to pain relief, that can be ameliorated with the use of marijuana. It is high time that we legalize it, both for medicinal and recreational purposes.

    Posted by: wahsfone
  • It's not harmless.

    Marijuana is not prescribed for people because it's harmless. It is prescribed mainly because of it's milder analgesic effect and it's cause to increase the appetite of a patient. This is particularly good for cancer patients who have a hard time developing appetites. It helps alleviate the pain of chemotherapy as well. There's the side effects that they must deal with though. Marijuana is not good for your lungs; they are meant to intake oxygen, not other polluting substances or smoke. You can't argue that marijuana is good for your lungs or say it is better than cigarettes, they're both BAD for you.

  • Recent Scientiic Research supplies evidence of cognitive damage to Marijuana users. It's far from harmless!

    The first long term study of its kind came to completion just this past month in September confirming that Study participants with more persistent marijuana dependence showed greater IQ decline and greater impairment across 5 cognitive domains. In other words, critical thinking, analytical functions and memory disorders. This isn't my opinion, this is a scientific study. You can research it for yourself on the NIDA website. the study was done over a period of 20+ years using 1000 people beginning with teenagers. Also, there is marijuana medicine already available; it's called "Marinol", a derivative of marijuana and it's approved by the FDA.

  • Medications are not harmless, and neither is marijuana.

    Marijuana is like many substances that provide medical benefits in that there are risks and benefits of using it as a medicine. There is not a mechanism in place to monitor marijuana use as a medication and, until there is, the risks outweigh the benefits of using it as a medicine.

    Posted by: TrashyBrain42
  • No, because marijuana is nearly as bad as smoking a cigarette.

    Marijuana is not harmless enough to be considered a medicine. Some parts of it are worse than smoking a cigarette, and no one is about to say cigarettes can be used for medicine. Doctors and other health professionals should focus on using proven treatments, instead of a gateway drug that has limited medical value.

    Posted by: R04chGrov
  • Marijuana is not sufficiently harmless to be considered as a medicine because it is the gateway to other drugs.

    I totally disagree that the Marijuana is not sufficiently harmless to be considered as a medicine. The usage of it is totally threat to society and individuals physically and morally and also to the surroundings and environment around us. This is very dangerous drug. The people who have used this has landed up taking other harmful drugs like heroine and cocaine. So, Marijuana shouldn't be considered as medicine. It is a very harmful drugs.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Whether marijuana is harmless or not is a distraction from the real point, it is a drug not a medicine.

    Whether marijuana is harmless or not is a distraction from the real point, it is a drug not a medicine for the general public. There seems to be some medicinal benefits to people with specific conditions but in general marijuana is a drug and should not be classed as a medicine.

    Posted by: TasticBran

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