• Yes it is.

    I think that as more states legalize marijuana for recreational, and medicinal use, that it will become the "next great American industry". This is because it is fairly expensive and very popular. Although many people do not use it, there are many people that love it and use it all the time.

  • I believe that marijuana is the next great American industry.

    I believe that marijuana is the next great American
    industry. All of the people who are
    against the legalization of marijuana are only preventing the American
    government from making billions of dollars.
    This is a ground floor opportunity that will make many millionaires in
    the next few decades. It’s just a matter
    of time.

  • Marijuana could be the "next great American industry."

    Cannabis, the plant from which marijuana is derived, is a very versatile plant that can be used to make a variety of goods and even foods. Because of its versatility, it has the potential to be immensely profitable as a crop. In this respect, marijuana could be the "next great American industry."

  • Marijuana is the Next Great Industry

    Yes, marijuana is the "next great American industry" as once the plant is legalized, it will prove to have many uses. The medical community alone will benefit from this plant being legalized, and I am sure an entire industry around medicinal usage will sprout up. Marijuana will be the next great American industry.

  • It's not going to get corporate backing.

    We have a century or so of treating marijuana like it's the most dangerous substance on the planet. While steps in Colorado and Washington to legalize it are promising, that culture of prohibition won't vanish overnight. Large corporations are going to be very reluctant to embrace marijuana for fear of tarnishing their public image.

  • It could be.

    Marijuana will not be the next great American industry because there are still too many people opposed to it being sold legally. People do not even support medical marijuana so there is no way they are going to support marijuana for recreational use. The way the government is against tobacco use and banning it everywhere, we can not expect the government to embrace marijuana.

  • No, marijuana is not the "next great American industry."

    First of all, marijuana already exists outside of the United States, so the United States cannot lay claim to it on that front. Second of all, marijuana is currently illegal in most of the US, and even if it wasn't, it is a single drug. A single drug is not an industry. Marijuana might be the next great American product, if it is made legal, but it is not the next great American industry.

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