• Yes cuz i said so

    Because shes a stale meme. She supported trumps victory and is if not racist islamophobic she probably mains hanzo. And mei. And flames at her team mates and she is da hitler supporter and does not like meh freind spoderman lol xd lmao satle meme up her spoder bum hole

  • There is no evidence that she is a racist

    She can not be called racist because of her nationalist views. The only piece of 'evidence' that she is racist is that she wants greater limits to immigration, which does not prove anything at all. Her father may have been a racist but she wants nothing to do with hun, she even expelled him from the party and has appointed people from ethnic minorities to stand in elections.

  • No, She's viciously nationalistic and pragmatic

    I do not believe Le Pen is a racist just because she sees a transformation in the EU that she wishes to slow, if not stop. Statistically, it is a pragmatic approach to slow the influx of Muslim immigration, given the crime rates and problems with integration. I think Le Pen has made herself a prime target for being called a racist by opposing the utopian racial orthodoxy.

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