• Mario is obviously better.

    The games bring a lot of nostalgia and challenge. The newer games have a very nice difficulty curve and the way you play is a lot more flexible. In CoD, all you do is shoot and get yelled at by kids. In Mario, no one yells at you or gets pissed of at you for dying in the game. Unless you get killed by a goomba in the first level. The old games, even if i was born in the 2000's, Bring a much more enjoyable experience than CoD. I remember enjoying Mario series especially Mario Galaxy than CoD. Nintendo fans are also cool with everyone else even with the Sonic fandom. CoD fans are full of whiny brats who want to be "MLG pros". Mario is a game where everyone is on the same level, all of you are gonna die no matter what, and the entire family can play it with out kids thinking about the stupid prestige thing.

  • Mario is way better than Call of Duty

    Even though I may be 10, and other kids say Call of Duty is better, I prefer Mario. Mario is a great platform game where you have to reach the flag pole to finish the level and move onto the next level. And what do you do in Call of Duty? You shoot people, and you shoot some more people, and shoot even more people. *Sigh*. Well, I've never played Call of Duty so I guwas I can't judge it. Anyways, Super Mrio

  • Yes, of course it is

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  • Mario is the #1 BO$$

    Everyone knows him as the plumber. But, he's more than that. He's a hustler with lots of $$$ on his hands. He got his hot girlfriend, Princess Peach. Trippin'! The stars and Lumas are on his side. Everyone wants him on the Mario Kart game series, especially Mario Kart 8. MLG Pro!!

  • Yes, of course it is

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  • Yes! He is!

    Mario is so much better than Call of Duty. His game may not have shooting, but it does have a bit of killing! If Mario wasn't around, I wouldn't be a gamer brony. And I am a brony, a Mario , Rio, FNAF loving, God worshiping brony! And I am proud!

  • Of course it is.

    Mario is an adventure. Going through many different colorful worlds, saving princesses, sometimes the world from Bowser and sometimes other villains. It's an immersing adventure that you enjoy playing, has a neat challenge to it and often leave you satisfied after playing it. There are so many genres to it too. Platformers, Sidescrollers, RPG, sports, etc. Sure, there are a few bad Mario games, like Mario Is Missing, but there are countless of awesome Mario games, even a bunch of Fan-Made games like Super Mario Bros Crossover.

    Call of Duty on the other hand, is nothing but shoot, shoot, shoot, stab, stab, stab, kill, kill, kill that has created countless of screaming, crying, losers that the majority of are underage to even be playing it.

    Mario rocks, CoD sucks! End of story.

  • Yes it is.

    Mario games have tried to make things as different and innovative as possible, whereas the Call of Duty franchise sticks to the same old shooting formula with the plot being something along the lines of "we need to save America because of some foreign dictator". The Mario games may have the same "Princes Peach is kidnapped plot", but at least these games tread new ground.

  • Yes it is.

    Mario is much better than Call of Duty. It is a huge franchise that everyone knows and loves and it continues to improve and grow while staying true to its core nature. I do think it is a little unfair to compare the two though because they are not from the same genre.

  • Mario has provided decades of fun.

    I do think Mario is better than Call of Duty. If you look at the sheer numbers alone of who's played all the various Mario games going all the way back to Donkey Kong, you will see that far more people have played them than will ever play Call of Duty. In this case, the popular vote wins.

  • No mario sucks

    Cause its not realistic ,call of duty has better graphics and is more realistic ,also kids these days like more violence, than a fat Italian man trying to get his 'girl' but some how she gets kidnapped by a turtle that is totally not her lover.....That y C.O.D is better

  • You guys are just bad gamers

    You guys play the same boring game over and over again!!!! Same thing, same power ups, call of duty has new campaign new weapons, and new characters every game!!!!! Boring old Mario, fire mario, frisbee mario!!! Better guns in cod, more action, people actually try to kill you, not going around in circles chasing their tails. COD IS BOSS

  • It's All Subjective

    I do not believe that Mario is inherently better than the Call of Duty, in fact, I don't find these two game franchises comparable on many levels. For one thing, even though I dearly love Mario games, there hasn't been a good game released since MarioKart, which is fairly far back, when considering games. So while I like Mario more than Call of Duty, I don't think it's necessarily better.

  • Mario is a bad game

    Well all you do is fight gumbos and bowser and jump like an idiot. I think cod is better because you have a lot of weopons you can earned you lvl up and theres different campaign and they have exo zombies and zombie dogs and power ups in zombie mode.So thumbs up for COD

  • I say no!

    I prefer violent games over family friendly games, I prefer call of duty over mario, I prefer call of duty black ops 3 over super mario bros, I prefer call of duty infinite warfare over super mario maker, I prefer violent games over family games, This is why i prefer call of duty!

  • Call Of Duty is better?

    Well the thing is yes there are people that yell and scream,but we all know thats because their bad at the game... The thing with call of duty is that for us player who do want to become pro and actually do become pro have 1 thing in common. We all make friends in the game,(Mario does not have that) Most of the community is actually nice to each other. Yes we have our differences when we are playing each other but Call of Duty is fun and exciting, It also prove's whose the best out of you and your friends. Call of Duty is a social interactive game unlike Mario.

  • Mario and CoD Different

    Mario and Call of Duty games live in completely different realms and can't be compared in a traditional way. It's impossible to say that one franchise is better than the other for this reason because it comes down to personal opinion. With that in mind, both franchises have been around for many years.

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