• Mario proven faster than Sonic.

    Watch game theory How Fast Is Sonic the Hedgehog?
    The answer is not his theme song. He's (not) the fastest thing aliiii-iii-ve
    Un-Super Mario is also taller than Sonic in their first games.
    Mario saves a princess, Sonic runs around chasing a fat tall scientist. Heck, in their first games, Dr. Eggman could outrun Sonic!
    But don't get me wrong, Sonic is great too. But Luigi is best!!

  • Mario is better than sonic

    We all knew who came first, and according to game theory Mario is faster than sonic. Sonic may win against Mario in a fight, but Mario beats sonic in everything else. You can't complain about that logic, this is a known fact and everyone can admit it. Mario is the most iconic character in gaming.

  • Let's Face the Facts.

    This is a debate that has been going on for years and years on end. Everyone has their own opinion on everything, but when it comes down to it, you've got to go with the facts. Ever since the first Mario game came out, it was an instant hit. Kids, adults, even seniors have gotten into Mario's gaming style. Mario and Co. Will always give countries worldwide great adventures, parties, racers, puzzle games, and much more to enjoy. Nintendo has changed the gaming world forever with Mario and Co. With Super Mario 64, they practically introduced gamers to 3D platforming. Sure, there were some before it, but Mario 64 introduced great graphics (for that time period), great controls, and most importantly, great and exciting gameplay. Nobody quite does it like Nintendo. And that is a good thing. Nintendo has made excellent games. Sure, there were some bad ones along the ride. Sega's made bad ones to. Every game company has made a bad game every now and then! But, to all of you sonic fanboys, Mario is more popular than Sonic. Mario has had more games than Sonic, (Don't begin to say it was because Mario came out first. It did, but let's face the facts: Mario was first introduced as Jumpman in 1981. Sonic in 1991. It may be a ten year difference, but Mario has appeared in over 200 games. Sonic can't even COMPETE right now). This is all really a popularity contest. And we all have to admit, Mario is definitely more popular than Sonic. Mario has even been stated to be the greatest video game character in history. And I know all you Sonic Dorks will probably say, "Mario is a stupid plumber" and "A failure of a plumber". But, it doesn't matter that he's a plumber. The games don't even speak or show anything about him being a plumber, so it really doesn't matter. Everyone is saying that Mario is stupid, but guess what? Mario will always be the most beloved thing in history. He will beat any hedgehog's ass anytime, any day.

  • Mario could Beat Sonic in a Fight

    Many Sonic fanboys claim Sonic could kick Mario's butt, and many Mario fanboys claim vice versa. I'm a fanboy of neither. I like them both. But the stance I've taken is that Mario is better not just because his games have been considerably better through the years, but because he could hand Sonic's ass to him. Imagine a fight. No powerups, no gimmicks, just a fist fight to the death. A brawl. Mario's fists smash rocks, and he has thrown entire castles for miles. Sonic has had trouble lifting chaos. I think the winner is very clear. And with powerups- this includes chaos emeralds and Super Sonic- Mario is still the victor, for considering if any powerup is available, he has the White Tanooki Suit. This makes him INVINCIBLE, and permanently so. Nothing could make him budge in this state, and anything that touches him dies instantly, no matter how powerful. Super Sonic is virtually invincible as well, but we've seen him get hurt before by ultimately powerful beings. Murdering everything you freaking touch is considered ultimately powerful these days, either that's true or I've been living under a rock for the last 50 years. Which I haven't.

    So what are Sonic's advantages? Speed. That's about it. He might be able to punch Mario at the speed of sound for a KO, but if he doesn't have room to run, that's a no-go. He has his spin attack, but Mario could outmaneuver that easily. And if he has the aforementioned white tanooki suit, forget it.

    In a fight between Mario and Sonic, Mario wins. And besides, his games are just better. Anyone who says Sonic Heroes is good is a Sonic fanboy. That's all that needs to be said here. MARIO IS BETTER. I'm surprised so few other fans of Sonic and Mario realize this. Sonic has too many fanboys that defend him mindlessly without facing the facts. It almost makes me ashamed to like sonic to know I'm among people like this.

  • He is better in every way.

    Just because Sonic is faster, it does not make him better. That's like saying the hare is better than the tortoise, because the hare is faster. Mario doesn't have a lot of cut scenes, so the player is focused on the game. Sonic has too much/a lot of cut scenes, so the player isn't focused, and sometimes, the player can forget that he/she was playing a game. Mario has a lot of party and racing games, like Mario Kart and Mario Party. Sonic doesn't have a lot of party/racing games. Sonic doesn't even have any sport games. Bowser is a turtle who constantly steals the princess and uses his minions to stop Mario. Doctor Eggman is an ugly and fat ball who captures animals and uses them for robots for a weird reason. Source: YouTube video "why Mario is better than Sonic", by dragonclaw1231.

  • Facts First Please!

    Okay, my argument starts:

    1. Sidekicks and all: Some of Mario's friends, like Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Donkey Kong and Wario have their own games and it is proven of how Mario's friends are independent on Mario unlike Sonic's friends, who barely have any games on their own. Sure there is Shadow the Hedgehog but that's all. Mario's Friends have : Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion 2 : Dark Moon, Super Princess Peach, Yoshi's Island DS. Wario and DK even develop their own franchise, WarioWare Inc. And Donkey Kong series respectively.

    2. Sonic's Franchise, a crew with no ship. To the point, lame. Even Sonic his crew must need support from Nintendo, the maker of Mario.

    3. Why, Yuji Naka, why do you left Sonic? See even Sonic's maker abandon him. Too bad!

    4. The Games. Mario's games... Overwhelming. He stars in Platformers, RPGs, Kart Racing, Fighting, Sports, Party, Puzzle and more! His franchise sell :
    - Super Mario series: 262 million
    - Mario Kart series: 80.08 million
    - Mario Sports series: 35.5 million
    - Mario Party series: 32 million
    - Mario RPG series: 12.2 million
    Overall, with other genres included, a staggering over 450 million!

  • Listen why argue about this. Both of these characters provided something great. Bowser and eggman are among the greatest video game villains ever.

    Truly both of these characters are great. They both gave us something to look forward to after school.
    Both have the the following:
    great characters
    memorable villains
    kick ass power-ups
    and more importantly great game play.
    In conclusion all I'm saying is it doesn't truly matter in the long run

  • BETTER POWERUPS than sonic

    Lets face it Mario has way better powerups than sonic. Sonic may have his super or dark form but that is basically it. Mario on the other hand has his fire flower, ice flower, mega mushroom, invincibility, tanooki suit, white tanooki suit, propeller cap, penquin suit and his most powerful, his gold flower

  • Sonic Is weak

    Lets face it Sega Fan-boys, Mario could easily outmatch Sonic.. Sure sonic can run at Mach 1 Ect.. But Mario can freaking lift Castles and break bricks with his hands, Also counting that he has Powerups that could even outmatch HYPER SONIC like the golden tanooki, starman, and a freaking mega musroom. All sonic has are some gems and some rings... Anyone with common sense knows this ;-;

  • Mario Has Less Useless Characters!

    First, the Mario franchise might have a less variety of stories to tell, but that means less pointless characters to add (unlike Waluigi and Daisy!). In the Sonic franchise, there are characters like Silver and Elise, who only play a big part in a single game (that really sucked!). Worse yet, most Sonic characters have been shown not to be able to handle themselves without Sonic, whereas many Mario characters become the main protagonists.

  • Sonic wins by a margin or two

    1) Games- While Mario beats Sonic with number of good games, at least Mario's had some crappy, no argument about it games in his life( Mario's Typing, anyone) at least the Sonic games that some people call bad have argument about it, like Sonic 06 (some people loved it)
    2) Characters- This one is a tie, as again, while sonic's allies don't have their own good games, at least they aren't constantly needing help from Sonic, which some of Mario's allies need.
    3) Villains- Sonic wins here, as it is shown that Eggman wants a teaching degree, and shown in Sonic X that he has a hart with captures, that he doesn't torture. Bowser however, is shown clearly killing and dropping his own minions. May I remind you what happens to kemex when he makes Bowser large?
    4) RUMBLEEEEEE!!!!- I'm sorry, but Sonic would win a fight too. First, look at his arsenal. He has Super Sonic, Blue tornado, and an arsenal of aliens at his use. Then of course, he has spin dash, which can not only cut through stone, but also cut through steel. How can you punch your opponent if you can't see him, are trapped in a tornado, or yes, getting sucked into a black hole. And for the people saying that the white tanooki suit makes him invincible, don't forget that you have to die to get it first.
    5) Personality- Now, Sonic is all about freedom. He frees animals, IS an animal, and actually fights with the Freedom Fighters. Mario, however, kills his own kind. Let's take a look at the manual for Super Mario Bros." In the game, the peaceful Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom had been turned into various objects such as bricks and pipes by the evil King Bowser; however, some of Princess Toadstool's loyal servants, known as the "Mushroom Retainers," were simply kidnapped." Hmm, do you mean the very same bricks and plants you DESTROY!!! He is also known for animal abuse, looking in the backstory of the game, and abuse of the same species that raised him. Just loom closely. And let's not forget how he ignores his brother, who looks up to him. And on top of that, he's been on and off with Peach, Daisy, and Paulina.

  • Three words: Fastest. Thing. ALIVE.

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a supernatural (I mean, what is natural about a hedgehog going Mach 4?), superfast, streaking blue BULLET that knocks over anything he touches and EXPLODES it. Bold starting sentences aside, let's look at this logically. Some people think that Sonic is all about running across flat ground. This is NOT true. Sonic is not only the fastest thing alive (and possibly solid; Light Speed Dash), but that is not his only ability. He can also turn into a spiky ball of death that plows through his opponents, is super agile, a master at manipulating his environment, and more, ALL without a SINGLE power up. Mario, on the other hand, can do, without his fancy-schmancy power ups, jump (a given for platforming), stomp on enemies that aren't spiked, and... And... Nothing. Keep in mind, in virtually EVERY Mario game, you have to FIND the power ups, and you usually start out as Small Mario, AKA 1-hit-KO Mario. One hit, he's dead in this state. So if Mario isn't in the Mushroom Kingdom, then he is PATHETIC. Bottom line:
    Sonic's abilities are all natural; Mario's rely on flowers and mushrooms. Face the facts, Sonic is best.

  • I'll take a violent talking animal, over a mushroom chewing plumber...

    Problems of Sonic: He robs jewelry stores to afford his stylish shoes. He also hates roombas.

    Problems of Mario: He gets a call for help from some lady, and in route he so gets high on mushrooms growing in the sewers that he murders her husband convinced he was saving her, and fails to fix the toilet he was actually called about.

    Sure Mario actually has a job unlike Sonic, but when he's that bad at doing it it'd be better to have no plumber at all than him.

  • Mario is epicer than sonic

    First, Mario came out first. Second, sonic stole the entire idea from mario. Sonic cant accomplish what mario did. You cant really complain, mario DID come out first and sonic STOLE the idea from mario. All and all, mario is the best and the iconic figure of the video game industry, hands down.

  • Sonic is one of the best characters in video game history.

    Sonic Fought a robot that was created to have the same speed as him, he won a death battle against Mario, he has a super form, he has a were-hog form, he destroyed metal madness and if Mario had his power ups while fighting sonic, sonic could just avoid Mario until his power up is gone. My work here is done

  • Two words: Sonic Adventure.

    Y'all need to play Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast. It has the best game play, story line, and character depth of its time. The graphics are not great, but they are better than the Nintendo 64. Overall, Mario is pretty cool, but Sonic is still better. Sonic > Mario

  • Sonic wins ok

    Sonic has much to learn from Mario with putting his moves to his full potential but looking through Sonic's games... Mario needs to focus on the world more than peach. Amy and the rest of Sonic's friends can defend themselves. Sonic has defeated several world-threatening enemies whereas Mario... Once or twice. Now lets go on to their titles. Sonic the Hedgehog... He is what he is, now let's see... Mario the plumber? Have we even seen Mario plumb?

  • Because Mario is the ONLY one that has power ups. WRONG!

    You people over on the Mario side seem to think that only Mario has power ups, but you are wrong. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles (1994), he has 3 power ups (plus 2 that we will get to in a bit). The first is the Flame Shield, which makes him immune to fire and lava (Yes, he can WALK on LAVA), blocks an extra hit, and lets him use an air dash attack to cross huge chasms. Next is the Electric Shield, which makes him immune to electrical attacks, blocks an extra hit, and lets him use a double jump, as well as attracting rings. Last but not least, we have the Bubble Shield, which lets him breathe underwater, blocks an extra hit, and lets him use the Bounce Attack, which sends him rocketing down at breakneck speeds and then bounces him back up for a giant leap. There is also a regular Shield, which just blocks an extra hit. In Sonic Colors (2010) and the upcoming Sonic Lost World, he can harness the powers of aliens called Wisps. They come in different color varieties, and each color grants Sonic a different power. The Cyan Wisp lets him turn into a laser that ricochets of walls and barrels through enemies. The Yellow Wisp lets him drill through dirt to find underground passages. The Orange Wisp lets him turn into a rocket that blasts upward, busting through ceilings and enemies alike. Next up is the Blue Wisp, which lets him do a cube stomp that toggles blue rings and blue blocks in the level, which makes for some creative platforming. The Green Wisp lets sonic fly and dash along a trail of rings. The Pink Wisp turns...
    Sonic into a spiked ball that can stick to walls and ceilings. The Red Wisp turns Sonic into a fireball that can explode all enemies on the screen. The Purple Wisp turns Sonic into a dragon.. Head... Thing that eats every enemy it comes in contact with. And lastly, the Violet Wisp turns Sonic into a BLACK HOLE that sucks in everything in sight, becoming bigger and faster the more it does so. In Sonic Unleashed, he accidentally gains a new form when the God of Death or whatever gets some of its energy trapped inside Sonic. At night, he then becomes the Werehog. He is super strong in this state, but is also slower. Now we go into Sonic's many Super States. First of all, perhaps Sonic's most famous power up, we have Super Sonic. When Sonic collects all 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings, he turns into a golden-colored, flying, superfast, invincible Super Saiyan. He can keep this form as long as he keeps his ring count above 0, and he loses 1 ring per second. Also, he can use various Chaos Powers, which involve warping space-time, making a huge blast, and more. Next we have Dark Sonic. This transformation is much like Super Sonic, but it relies on the negative energy from the Emeralds, and only occurs when Sonic is really angry. He gets a black coloration, and focuses more on strength than speed. Next up we have Darkspine Sonic, which is much like Dark Sonic, except he instead uses the World Rings from the Arabian Nights and gains pyrokinesis (fire powers). His next Super Form is Excalibur Sonic, which is more of his sword Excalibur's transformation, but it affects Sonic as well. Sonic gets a golden suit of knight's armor and all of Super Sonic's abilities except the Chaos Powers and is not as powerful. Last but definitely not least, we have Hyper Sonic. This is by far the most powerful Sonic has ever been, and so powerful that the Chaos Emeralds have to undergo a transformation just to power it! Using these Super Emeralds, Sonic can do everything that Super Sonic can do, except 9001 times more powerful, PLUS an attack that can wipe out every baddie on screen. Also, he flashes all the colors of the Emeralds, so if you are seizure-prone, don't do it. Sadly, this transformation only appeared in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1994). So see, guys, Mario's not the only one with power ups. Sonic has an arsenal of them too.

  • Sonic has power ups too!

    People seem to think that Mario is the only one with power ups, but they are wrong. From the elemental shields in Sonic 3, to the Wisps in Colors, and even his many all-powerful Super Forms that he has used over the years, Sonic also has quite a few power-ups and transformations in his arsenal.

  • Come on, really

    It's sonic, the fastest thing alive even though people say "mario came first" or "it's a classic" sonic somehow took what mario had and added more. Sonic has definitely developed more, while mario keeps using the same template (i.E how many more new super mario bros. Are they going to make). Also sonic has a snazzy personality while mario just stays silent. I know sonic has had it's downfalls but overall it's a much better character and series.

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