Is Mario the greatest video game character of all time?

  • He definitely is

    He was the precursor for all video games to come, and there is no character more iconic than he is. His games cast reverberations on essentially every game with a protagonist and his games have transcended games to the point that he is as universal as even Mickey Mouse is.

  • Mario is AWESOME!

    Mario is, was, and always will be my favourite video game character of all time. The fact that's he's been around for approximately 30 years is not the only reason I like him so much. He doesn't need to be some chosen hero from a prophecy destined to save the world in order to be awesome. He is an adorable Italian plumber (well, now his profession is greatly extended, from carpenter to a doctor) who eats mushrooms, saves princesses and rides green dinosaurs! Also, his brother is the amazing Luigi. Finally, his trademark 'It's-a-me, Mario!'
    The games themselves are extraordinary. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of other game series such as the Legend of Zelda, Pokémon or Fire Emblem, and I have connected with the protagonists themselves, but Super Mario, as a game series AND as a character, will forever hold a special place in my heart. After all, what would gaming be without Mario?

  • Mario is the best!

    Italian, Obsessed with mushrooms, wears a red hat, wears a pre-schooler uniform, saves princesses every time, has a similar, but green partner, who is he? HE IS of course MARIO!
    Now, who doesn't love the Italian plumber that is obsessed with mushrooms? Well, Zelda fans would, but f**k Link, Mario is number 1!

  • What would gaming be without Mario

    The fact that the Mario franchise has survived for over 30 years and still continues strong to this day and the fact that over millions of people around the world knows about Mario, it should say a lot as to why Mario has become so popular and a legend in the video game industry. He truly is the Mickey Mouse of Gaming. I honestly can't even imagine what gaming would be without our beloved little plumber. Go Mario!

  • Amazing & iconic!

    Would gaming even EXIST without mario? That would be hard to believe. The games you play today maybe would not have existed. It's not just influence that makes mario great. A lot of the games are incredibly fun. I discovered mario by playing the galaxy games, and I simply fell in love. This long lasting series will always be my favourite.

  • He is great

    He is the best at everything and that is saying something because I love Kirby and Meta Knight a lot
    but Mario is the best period. I love his adventures and RPGs and I love Mario kart and Mario party too. And he beats Bowser the geatest boss of all time

  • Yes mario is the best

    Because he doesn't need to be cool or edgy like Sonic and does not have bloody violence like mortal combat or God of war and he doesn't need guns like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty he's game's are fun for all ages check the only reason I got into video games was of beacuase of mario I loved him with his red cap and jumping abilities and the way he was always happy going "it's a mario ". Sonic may have attitude but he's kinda of jerk,mario is the best and deserves the best, how can anybody not like his games

  • He Is A God

    He kicked a castle with ease He saved the universe twice He could easily defeat setve with one punch and even kill sonic He May be A all around fighter sure but His stats ar Perfect! Not To mention He has a golden tanooki form so yeah Mario da boss

  • Can't Beat Mario you just CAN'T

    Mario is one of a kind. From eating mushrooms to flying around to racing and fighting, Mario is truly a great game, one of the greatest games EVER! Must you ask your self can you get power ups in other games, can you unlock secret worlds or fly to different galaxies or race in caars and race under water and anti-gravidy racing in other games, anwser is NO!! Mario Is The Best And No Body Can Not Do Better!!!!

  • No Other Game Is This AMazing and long of a series that is STILL growing

    OK I know Mario isn't like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat but still Mario is appropeat for children plus its fun for adults too. Mario goes from saving princess peach to being in space to playing sports and fighting like Mortal Kombat. You can't Beat MARIO never ever ever!!!1

  • He's a huge icon, but that's about it.

    We all love playing are Mario games going from classic versions to Mario cart and Mario party. Even with his countless amount of games he has very little development. Ill admit i have fun with his games for an occasional source of entertainment. As a character though he's not even the most interesting in the Nintendo franchise. And if this debate is encompassing all of video game history i believe he ranks very low as a character being easily out done by several final fantasy characters, and even out done by other games supporting characters like the ones in chrono trigger. My resoning for this is his lack of backstory. And to prove this can anyone tell me anything about him besides hes a plumber who needs to save a princess. That's about all i have to say on the matter. And yes I know im over explaining but i just want people to understand you can't have a great character without character development.

  • NO he is not

    I will say that he is definitely one of the greatest characters in the video game world but to say that he is THE greatest is going out on a limb because I think that Sonic could arguably be a better character than he is not to mention Crash Bandicoot or Lara Croft or even Zelda for that matter.

  • Assassin Ezio Auditore

    No. Ezio Auditore is the best italian video game character ever and here's why, he speak actual Italian and not just iMoma mia! And there are actual settings in Italy. Mario is a character made by Japanese that doesn't speak much Italian where as Ezio speaks a lot of Italian.

  • One of the most iconic? Yes. Greatest? Doubtful.

    Mario is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. He is to video games as Mickey Mouse is to cartoons. There will be some debate as to who is the greatest video game character of all time is (my vote goes to Link of the Zelda franchise...but does that matter? No, it's subjective). Many would say Mario, of course, but he is just a plumber who has mishap after mishap involving a dragon named Browser and a princess who never seems to be in the castle you are in. You can say there is no backstory, but there is. Is he the most interesting, I doubt it. Since the game is basically the same thing over and over again tossing in a whatever Yoshi is and some new characters here and there, it's no more special than any other game. It is about how you connect to characters. I connect with Zelda, some connect with Mario, some connect with whatever other game is out there say they are the greatest. Who really knows.

  • No, he is a great figure, but not a great character.

    Mario is an icon for video games. A legend that has passed the test of time. He is the greatest figure of video games ever. The greatest character? No. If I were to switch Mario's pixels for that of another character, the game would be the exact same. Why? Because nothing makes Mario special. He has no history or backstory compared to characters like those of Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid. He has no depth at all. So while he is a great icon, he is not a great character.

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