• A Duck IS A Duck (even in 2021)

    First things first. , She represents an area of Georgia that was the
    inspiration for James Dickey to write Deliverance. , She also moved there so she could get elected because she didn't have a chance in her home district. She actually doesn't have any ideas to legislate from, Unless you count total blind allegiance to Trump and that is what the GOP's "platform" is now, Trump worship. She has been
    badgering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for, Among other things, A debate over the Green New Deal, An actual legislative proposal,
    what does Greene have? It would be like debating a cantaloupe!
    She simply picked someone who is nationally known that she doesn't
    like, So Greene seems important. Someone should inform her that
    high school is over! She is a kook on the level of the January 6th
    participants. So, Lets be clear she is in Washington to get famous, Or infamous, "own the libs" and be a bomb thrower, To impotently attack Joe Biden, AOC, Anthony Fauci, And anyone else who makes sense, For the sake of her nonsense. She's not there to legislate
    or make life better for her constituents, Who are too dumb to know that anyway. Once again Narcissistic Personality Disorder on grand
    display. , Just like her orange Fuhrer. , This now seems to make perfect
    "sense" to have an opinion based on the spewings of Trump, Or for that matter, The next Trump whoever that may turn out to be.

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