• He said it poorly but he's right

    If iI'm walking an someone ahead of me looks threatening, I'm going to cross the road to avoid the. It doesn't matter what race they are or if they have tattoos. If they look like a thug I'm crossing the road no matter if they are white, brown, black or purple. If its at night, descent weather an someone has a hoodie on an I can't see their eyes I'm crossing. During the day an its bad weather an someone is wearing a hoodie an I can see their face, probably not.
    Now if you ask me will i be quicker to judge a black person as looking threatening than a white person I'd say probably so. I don't dislike black people or feel they are an inferior race but I do think they judge me more for being white an therefore assume I must be racist which probably means they don't like me too much. If I were a racist I couldn't blame them but I'm not. If I was going to make a generalization which is wrong but I do believe is fairly true, Black people dislike whites more then white people dislike blacks. If we want to mend the divide in our country its not going to be done by one side an we need to meet somewhere in the middle.

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