• Yes, marketing is too manipulative

    Marketing is extremely manipulative in today's world. Marketing analysts choose words very carefully for ads based on the emotions and thoughts they will evoke in the people who hear or read them and sometimes present a quite limited perspective that is easily misinterpreted. They don't often blatantly lie, but they are masters of half-truths, lies of omission, and talking a lot without really saying anything of substance.

  • Marketing is extremely manipulative

    Marketing is very manipulative because it is perfect at persuading consumers that they need consumer goods, when they actually don't. The marketing strategies are devised in such a way that it gives you the sense that you cannot function without the item and must have it. It gives consumers one choice and that is to desire the product and get it.

  • Marketing is Key

    Marketing is not too manipulative. If a marketing campaign is too aggressive with the truth, that will be discovered and the company will have to pull the ad. Marketing is suppose to make the general public be aware and pursue the item of the company. This is appropriate to occur.

  • Marketing is Full of Lies

    The premise of marketing is to make the product or service seem as appealing to mass market as possible. Most times the marketing campaign makes the product seem much better than it is. It shows products made of the highest quality, when in reality you get a cheap plastic made item. Marketing always shows the best side of things and oftentimes leaves out the downside or potential weaknesses of a product.

  • Yes, marketing can be very manipulative.

    There has been billions of dollars of market research over the past decade to find the exact ways to manipulate a customer to open their wallet and purchase a product or server so I believe that marketing is incredibly manipulative and is borderline dangerous in some instances in how deceptive some of them are.

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