Is marriage about love rather than biological sex?

  • Yes, marriage is about love.

    In this day and age people often think of marriage as a way of having a partner to have biological sex with. However, the foundation of marriage has always been love. A marriage will not last on sex alone, there needs to be a degree of love between the people that are married.

  • Of course, however not only either

    Of course, however not only either as the "homosexual" argue being in love.
    Though it could also be argued that the definition of love used by them is weak and built for the permission of such behavior or beliefs.
    Some would define love including the desire to form a family while others would argue that such is wrong as there are those incidentally unable to fit such.

  • It's always about Love. (Or it should be!)

    A truly happy marriage is one that is about love. Sex is certainly an aspect but it is not the true core for what love is. Being able to see the grace in one's soul and the love that radiates from a couple who finds true happiness in each other is not something that can be found the simple process of sexual activity. It may be nice, but the true smile that says "I want to spend my life with you" is found in love.

  • Yes Marriage is About Love

    While sex is a great benefit to marriage, the foundation of marriage is love. Committing your life to someone has to be about more than physical pleasure because eventually physical beauty and pleasure fades. Additionally, sharing income and a household and potentially raising children can be incredibly stressful and it's helpful to love each other.

  • Most Marriages Are About Love

    Marriage is meant to be about love, Though this is not always the case, one would want to believe that a marriage is still meant for love and not biological sex. I understand that there are many who marry for other reasons and a variety of reasons at that. Though this is the case, I still believe that the majority of marriages are about love.

  • Marriage is a sham

    Marriage is a bunch of media and advertising induced garbage made to stimulate the economy. It goes against our primal nature to reproduce as much as possible but hey it's 2013 and the world is full so maybe a little monogamy is what this world needs, except for the fact that these married idiots keep pumping out too many kids, and then praising them for every little thing like they are all important or special well WAKE UP, they're not all special that would ruin the meaning of the word special. Keep buying stuff you don't need and stimulate that economy, thanks.

  • No, marriage is not just about love rather than biological sex.

    Marriage is about convenience for some people. For others, it is about love. Some people marry because of the cultural tradition of arranged marriages. In any of these circumstances, the word marriage defines a union between a man and a woman. I believe the gay rights marriage issue can be solved simply by defining their partnerships as civil unions, and granting those unions all the rights and privileges of a traditional marriage between a man and a woman. By doing this, marriage is still defined as the legal and moral union between a man and woman, and gay couples will have a mechanism by which they can enjoy all the rights and privileges of a traditional marriage. This solution would also satisfy the objections of the religious community.

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