Is marriage about love (yes) or biological sex (no)?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
  • Marriage = Love.

    Marriage at the first place happens because there are 2 people who are in LOVE. They wanted to be together forever, then they made a promise that called 'Marriage' now adays. But on this century, yeah. I still don't think marriage is about love anymore. Sometimes marriage happens because of accident, if you know what i mean. So yeah, marriage is actually all about love, not because biological sex or others.

  • Technically it's neither.

    People can love without making their relationship licensed through the state, just like people can marry without love. Marriage was originally a way to secure property and inheritance rights and ally tribes, back when women had no say in who they married and were seen as property. Today, "marriage" is really about a set of agreed upon civil privileges to those undertaking a state licensed union- a way to legally guarantee hospital visitation, inheritance, Social Security, child custody, and the like. These, despite much conservative posturing, are applicable to both hetero and homosexual couples.
    Marrying for romantic love is a relatively recent concept, though it is often attached to most modern marriages. Of course, I think that the modern idea of "romance" is so impractical that it leads to many divorces.

  • Love it is.

    Plain and simple, marriage is about love, not biological sex. I am so tired of antigay people forcing their bigotry on other people. Like who died and made them God? If you do not agree with same sex marriage do not marry someone of the same sex. DUH! .......Alalalalalalal alala

  • One counter example could prove me wrong - but it seems nobody has one.

    I fully agree with 'PiningForASilverLining'. If marriage (or relationships with a Partner as well) were even somehow independent of the biological sex drive, it would be pretty surprising that all heterosexual women in relationships have heterosexual male partners, etc..
    I invite everyone to prove this wrong, but not by raising subjective Standard arguments like "No, it's about love! Because.", but by telling us how many married couples they know, who aren't both sexually attracted to each other (say a homosexual man with a woman). Couples, which only married (or had a relationship) based on a platonic friendship. I'd really like to know...

    To the comments on the left: Yes, marrying for romantic love is a new concept, but in all times marriages were formed to eventually raise children, and thus it was crucially about biological sex as well. And I'm pro gay marriages, just to make that clear.

  • Sex sex sex

    Few people get married to someone who is simply their best friend. I've known women that I love as people and will probably always be closer than my future wife, but I have no desire to sleep with them. Should I marry someone I don't want to have sex and children with?? Love and lust (sex) are confused here. Many find intense mutual lust to mean love. Marriages are not sexless, but many loves are. True love wouldn't require sex, and sex might ruin it

  • Whoa there, slow your horses

    Marriage is a state sanctioned union of two people , it can be about love and or biological sex but not always. This issue is a bit perplexing to approach as the general connotations carry most people to answering yes. However, if this question is approached objectively and without personal bias, then the answer is clearly no. The question is a bit closed in giving no leeway for deviations, and since marriage is clearly not always about love (hence marriages of convenience) nor biological sex (think those unable due to disability or conviction), it would be incorrect to say otherwise. However in the general sense, most people get married because of mutual affection and desire for proper coitus.

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