• It is so obvious that marriage is outdated.

    There are so many people who become unhappy because of marraige!
    Just look around you, how about your parents, how about your friends' parents, how about your relatives? Many of them end up separating. Look at the high divorce rate in the USA, France, the UK, all those developed nations. People get divorced!

  • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    The divorce rate is >50% and there are an untold number of couples in unhappy marriages, clearly marriage isn't working. Sure it may work for a a small percentage of the population, but they could easily have a lifelong, monogamous relationship without needing a piece of a paper to validate it.

    As a society we have a tendency to see the order of a relationship as "date, get married, have kids". So many couples get married and have kids because they see it as "the next step". If we removed marriage from the equation people would start thinking about what's right for them and not what is expected of them. In turn I think this would lead to happier couples, less children (this would also be good for the overpopulation we have going on), and the children that are born would be raised in a much better environment.

  • Yes very outdated

    A person shouldn't have to bind themselves legally to their partner to prove their love or their monogamy. If you have to marry someone to prove your love then obviously that person doesn't trust you enough to be with them. If your feelings do change and your married its a lot more complicated to separate then if you remained unmarried.

  • Yes I do think marriage is outdated

    I think marriage is just a ball and chain for people. Why do you have to make all those legal vows and suffer the consequences when you can just live together. I think being married holds people back form all their dreams and capability's and its just not fair. Its also crazy the costs of divorces nowadays I just don't understand why people would want to put themselves through that

  • It isn't necessary, or even important, to modern society.

    No couple can plan for the future. No one knows if they will love their partner in a year, so why do we pretend to make permanent our relationships? It only breeds a sense of false duty to stay together and makes separation more painful for the couple and child.

  • For the government, it is.

    I think that churches and such should be free to do whatever they want regarding marriage, but the government should stop caring about "marriage" as such. It would solve the "gay marriage" debate quite handily, because every legally recognized relationship between two people would simply be known as a "civil union" to the government. If everyone has a "civil union" then gays won't feel like they have anything less, and the government doesn't have to worry about a definition of "marriage" at all.

  • Yes marriage is an outdated institution

    The traditional marriage, the traditional relationship is very much outdated to me in the modern day, and is not needed or even always realistic when it comes to a monogamous relationship as we are taught it to be. For one thing......marriage as we now it, is more meant for the state than for us, we don't need a fancy wedding, a big church ceremony to be "married" to someone, we can do that all on our own without the state ever having gotten their hands into it. It is not truly necessary, and in fact we'd be better off without that.

    Secondly......though some people may feel the need for a monogamous one to one relationship more than others might, which is fine, but secondly, the idea of being tied down to one person and one person only is a bit outdated in its' own right and more exists cause of religious tradition than anything else. If two people trust each other, what exactly is the harm in messing around with others, or even bringing others into the relationship entirely? If anything the fact that many CAN'T do why so many divorces occur in the first place, because the man or woman, or even both can't be honest about their sexual needs so they go about fulfilling them in secret. When they get caught, the marriage falls apart and they break up. So if you ask me, if we drop this idea of total monogamy except for those who actually truly want it, you'll see happier couples and longer lasting marriages and relationships for it.

    So yeah, marriage as we know it today is an outdated institution, a relic of an era that has long since passed us by, and is not needed any longer.

  • When it was written 'til death do us part' the average life expectancy was what? 45 years?

    Percy Bysshe Shelley said it best in the 18th Century: “A husband and wife ought to continue united so long as they love each other. Any law which should bind them to cohabitation for one moment after the decay of their affection would be a most intolerable tyranny, and the most unworthy of toleration.”

  • Marriage limits individual authenticity.

    Marriage is defined by compromising one's choices. At a certain point, compromising oneself becomes betraying oneself. We inevitably find ourselves declining invitations because our spouse doesn't want to participate and/or doesn't want us to participate in a proposed activity. The lack of independent choice invariably shuts out opportunities for growth and connection. We lose our authenticity as soon as we let someone else define our choices for us.

  • Marriage worked in Medieval times

    In the Middle Ages couples couldn't live together, have sex or children without it. Plus people only lived totheir 40s. Marriage was a necessity in those times, today it's a vanity. Beginning with the ridiculus, showy wedding, many smug marrieds do a lot of advertising to try and prove they're happy, but when you talk to them one on one you are usually surprised to find out they're miserable. Love can't be proven by killing freedom.

  • Marriage is better for the children

    When two people are together and children have both their parents--a mom to help the children to understand girls and a dad to help understand boys--the children will be better off. Many people believe marriage is supposed to be an institution created for two people in love, but in reality that is a selfish ideology as it is much more than that; it's much more about the children than the parents. The government provides many benefits for being married, all which support and ease the process of raising children. Through extensive research, we know that cohabiting parents are five times as likely to separate as their married counterpart. Besides that, children are also more likely to become delinquents and experience emotional disorders when raised by either divorced or single parents. Studies have all concluded that children with divorced or single parents end up worse off, even as adults. In most cases, they receive less education and are more likely to have a divorce in the future. As you can see, it is imperative that marriage stays the way it is so our children can have a better life.

  • Design by God

    Almighty God designed the institution when he saw that the male was lonely. He gave him an 'help meet' on he could relate to in a meaningful way. The woman brought man much comfort and companionship, she became his wife, life partner and mother of his children. We just need to respect the institution and seek God's help to work it through. If He designs then he knows what to tell us to do in order for us to get it working.

  • Marriage isn't outdated, we're just not living up to our vows.

    The idea of marriage is a beautiful union between two people; a partnership. The problem isn't with marriage, it's with us thinking we can get out of it when things aren't going our way. Obviously this excludes abusive relationships but we shouldn't just jump ship because the person we're with isn't the same easy to get along with person they were when we married them. Our attitudes toward people are the problem, not marriage.

  • No certainly not

    Royalty still get married! They always have. Marriage unifies two people and two families and is seen as a traditional event. Some traditions don't change regardless of whether the couple are particulrly religious or not. It is something for the state and for the couple. People still do get married so it is not out of date - regardless of decreasing rates. Furthermore religious points of view are still common about God wanting us to 'multiply and full the earth' as expressed in Genesis 1:28. Henceforth marriage is a significant step in ones life that is special. It still happens - therefore why would you say it isn't outdated?

  • Keep tradition alive

    The quest to find love is one forced upon all of humanity. Those lucky enough to find ‘the one’ are often stereotyped as constantly happy. Society thinks that we have to be in love or, at very least dating someone to be seen as happy. Marriage is seen as the ultimate end to the quest of finding love, therefore does this mean ultimate happiness? Nevertheless, 40% of couples live together, maybe even have children, until old age without ever tying the knot. Does this mean they aren't truly happy? People say, “Marriage has no value anymore.” How can a tradition millions of years old suddenly go out of fashion?
    What’s more romantic than a groom tuning his head to look down the long isle scattered with flowers, to see his blushing bride walk down the aisle in her long white, timeless wedding dress, carrying a perfect arranged bouquet of white roses. Some say they always look at the groom’s reaction towards seeing his beautiful bride, as this shows how true there love is. A Wedding or civil ceremony is a celebration of love between two people. Marriage is one of the foundations upon which society and civilization rest upon; the family unit is a powerful force which is a strong reason why monogamy has been practiced throughout human history.

  • Marraige is an integral part of society throughout all history.

    Marraige is a product of history and culture, and marraige is one of the foundations upon which civilization and society rests. The family unit is a powerful force, which is why monogamy has been practiced consistently throughout all of human history. Some outspoken fringe groups are sesitive to this fact, and are therefore offended by this. It is natural that there should be so many negative responses on an Internet debate site. This in no way renders their opinion invalid, it is simply important to understand how ones point for view creates bias.

    Interestingly, a similar argument could be made for a military, police force, and education systems...

  • Mariage maybe costs alot but it's worth of paying

    Mariage costs alot of money but it is a proof of true love and it is better for both of them. Most of the couple who is cohabitating don't want a child. But if they have one by accident, often they abandonne their child and continues their life together. Mariage, most of the married couples wants a child and so even if its by accident they will still raise him and countinue their life with the newborn child.

  • People need to be more virtuous

    People these days always talk about what is right for "me" or to make the right choice for "me", but people don't understand that life is not about receiving or making sure sure that "I" get the best part of the deal, no, life is about giving, and giving ourselves to one another through the vows of marriage. Struggles and disagreements will occur throughout marriage, but the vows and the marital rings remind you that this world WILL end and that we will die, but by going through struggles, and by resolving them, you will gain graces and eventually, by living a pious life with your spouse, a ticket to the eternal life in heaven.

  • People are losing focus

    I think to say marriage is outdated is a saying jobs are outdated or that having a happy life is.
    The majority have taken the happiness of marriage away, it's not what God intended. Even if you don't believe in God, married persons are proven to be happier than those who co-habitate.

  • If divorceddivorced rate is high!!

    If divorce rate is high then why people are getting married again and again !!! This show that they believe in marriages and relationships but waiting for right partners.
    Its just blaming a car for the accident not the driver who drove that car!!..
    So its big NO from my side!!

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