• Yes, it is anti women

    After a woman gets marriage in much of the world today she is expected to automatically take the domestic role. Many stop working or take part time jobs to fulfil this role. Lets not forget the purpose of marriage was to force women into roles they didn't want to be in. Even to this day, women are pressured by society into marriage far more than men. There are a lot more expectations that rests on woman than on man.

  • The institution of marriage is created out of respect for the woman

    Think about the animal kingdom.. It is clear that the males's only wish is to impregnate (or engage in sexual activity), whereas the females have desire to nurture offspring. (In fact, the female tiger chases the male tiger away to protect her cubs). The pre-marital "sexual-freedom" for men and women benefits only one kind of people - namely irresponsible men, a.K.A animal men - who go by their animal instincts. It does not benefit women, because lets face it - the risks, dangers for women are far far worse, and the desire to nurture offspring is not fullfilled; but for the animal man, the only desire is to engage in sexual activity (and this is fullfilled). Responsible men also do not benefit - such men think about the woman's perspective, compare her to their mother and sister and squirm at the idea that she would not be protected (the male protective instinct). This is the responsible man talking, not the animal man. Therefore, in the pre-marital "sexual freedom" model, the responsible man and women lose, and only the animal man wins.

    Marriage is therefore an institution where the responsible man and the woman win - the women get the opportunity to nurture offspring in a secure environment, and the responsible man gets the feeling that he is doing something right and protecting and affording respect to his woman. The party who loses in marriage is the irresponsible animal man, but you want them to lose anyway.

  • If anything, it is pro-women

    Many married women only work part - time or not at all. They are protected, financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally by their husbands. Because men bear the greater responsibility in marriage, they are afforded greater authority, logically. But from a Christian worldview, there is not dispute that the marriage overly beneficial to women.

  • Marriage is not anti Man or Woman

    Marriage links a man and a woman together. Both have different roles in the relationship but are equal as one person. Marriage is pro woman and pro men by making the relationship special and maintaining the sanctity of monogamy. Woman are to be valued, cherished, and respected. Being married does not effect any of that.

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