• Yes marriage equality is good for the economy.

    Yes, I believe that marriage equality is good for the economy. By allowing both heterosexual and homosexual couples to get married it can help to spur the economy since they can enjoy becoming working couples in the United States. They would also buy more merchandise as couples which could definitely help the retail market.

  • It can be.

    I think that we have everything to gain and nothing to lose in terms of economics if we allow marriages to be equal across all groups. More people getting married means that we will have more weddings, which will do more than just a little bit to help the economy.

  • Marriage equality is good for the economy.

    With marriage equality for all, there will be a stimulus in the economy and all economic laws that come with marriage and couples. Couples' financing in housing would improve a stimulus as more housing will be purchased, which in turn provide a stimulus towards the economy. Not only that but if marriage equality is a reality in America, it paves the way for other countries to be more invested in the country as it leads the world in making such a thing a reality.

  • Yes, marriage equality would be a boom to the American economy due to increased spending on wedding related items.

    If marriage equality became the law of the land the US economy would experience a short-term (three to five years) gain in GDP due mainly to increased spending on wedding expenses and tourism by same-sex couples getting married and setting up new households. Marriage equality would also help the country to develop a more stable workforce by having family units that are treated equally.

  • Marriage equality is not the appropriate term

    Despite, not approving of any form of recognition of gay behavior, other than suggesting Psychological help for those affected, legalizing it will have no measurable impact on the economy. America needs to stop their socialistic policies, if it wants to last through the next thousand year. Obama has been bad for the economy of the united states.

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