• Traditional marriage could be in trouble

    Because of the gay marriage controversy, people have been wanting to include gays in the religious ceremony of marriage (most people). But if that becomes accepted (and it will), we will literally redefine what marriage is, it will no longer be sacred, it will be for anyone anywhere. It will lose it's meaning and become the same as common law with a little God in it. Weather this is good or bad I can't say, but traditional marriage is definitely in trouble.

  • Sad, but true.

    We are living in different times these days and unfortunately, I feel a lot of people tend to take the sacred of marriage a bit lightly then previous generations. These days a lot of people tend to rush into marriage, and ultimately wind up getting a divorce or get married for financial benefits.

  • Yes it is.

    Marriage is in trouble because divorce rates are extremely high, at least in the US. I think it is actually over fifty percent now in the amount of divorce's that occur in the US. It should not be higher than the amount of people that stay together, that is way too high.

  • Marriage is not an institution in trouble

    The institution of marriage is not threatened by people living in sin or by homosexual couples being permitted to be married. It is not troubled by changes in lifestyle and it is not concerned by the pouting of people. The institution of marriage will always be safe and people in love will always be able to choose to pledge themselves to one another and create lives together, families together, and their forever together.

  • Marriage Isn't the Problem, Men are the Problem

    Marriage isn't in trouble. Couples don't have to be married to be happy. The problem is men who abandon their wives because they think with their middle leg muscle and not with their brains. If you're not ready for the responsibilities of marriage, then don't get married in the first place! Humans live to 80 and beyond now, so there is no need to get married at 18. Wait until after college like sensible people and then marriage won't be in trouble.

  • No, many people still believe in it.

    No, marriage is not in trouble, because many people continue to believe in strong marriages and to practice its principles. Marriage is a religious institution, and the United States is still a conservative nation full of people who believe in marriage. Those people are still dedicated to marriage and work together to have lasting marriages.

  • No it isn't!

    "Traditional marriage" is! They keep having kids! We have 7 BILLION people and GROWING! The earth CANT sustain us all for much longer! There is also domestic violence between men and women (for the most part). I'm not heterophobic, but prove a point. Religion is the seed of pure hate.

  • No the institution of marriage is becoming more stable.

    While a lot American will state that they believe that "marriage is just a piece of paper," the statistical review of marriage licenses and divorce filings show that the institution of marriage is not in danger of becoming extinct anytime soon. In fact as the education level of the country rises the divorce rate drops and marriage becomes more stable.

  • Marriage isn't going anywhere

    Despite what some hateful people and organizations would have you think, nothing will endanger marriage. Gays getting married will not "keep" heterosexuals from marriage. If someone else's happiness is cause for you to not wed your love- then that's a problem with you and your stupidity and excuses. The heterosexual pairings in Hollywood that are 100% for publicity and business are the marriages that are making marriage look bad, not two people genuinely in love, even if their genitalia are a match set.

  • Marriage is Trouble.

    Marriage itself is not in trouble, but it should be. The obvious strategy of Capital and their cohorts in the Abrahamic cults is to solidify social roles and obligations so that they can be surveilled, regulated and conformed to the goals of profit maximization. Marriage is safe for now as long as Falwell haunts half of our citizens' brains.

  • No it's Not.

    Marriage is not in trouble. It's not in trouble due to the times, it's not in trouble due to temptation, and it's not in trouble due to gay marriage. The only reason there are more divorces than there were in the past few decades is because it's no longer taboo to get divorced. In the 50's people would "talk" about your divorce, and it was harder to get re-married. People now realize that they don't have to spend the rest of their lives together if they aren't really happy.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-04T21:02:47.200
Marriage in America has already been in trouble for a long time. How else do you explain the rather huge % of divorces in America.