• As long as having and raising children is necessary in our society so is marriage.

    With the statistics that show that single parents (especially single mothers) are disproportionally living in poverty, it can be agreed that raising a child in a marriage is financially easier. But I think raising kids in a marriage improves a child's emotional and mental health. Raises the child's self confidence and ability to succeed. It equally distributes both parents influence on a kid, possibly making the kid more balanced. Marriage, I think, is essential for raising kids in the best possible manner.

  • Marriage is what keeps us together. If you don't like it, then oh well.

    People believe that marriage isn't holy anymore. Because its not, people have turned our definition of marriage. It means to promise one another that love will never end. Now a days, we have side chicks and bitches which ruins love. If people say love is all that matters, then.... Cheating on someone is not the truth of marriage. We need marriage.

  • You should be more Subjective about human lives.

    Although it is true that we humans don't HAVE to be married at this age, where the population is already at its limits. But, some humans would like to be happy, and married. Not letting anyone marry is like looking at humans as animals in cages.
    Being able to marry should be allowed at all times, but for the overflowing population there could be a 1 child rule around the world. Since most of the world will get happy from marriage, saying that nobody should marry is absurd, and pointless.

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  • We don't need monogamy to be happy

    Disclaimer: I'm not antimarriage.
    Not everyone requires love or eternal bonding to be happy in life. Some live life to their fullest and never marry. Marriage is (meant to be) an eternal promise of love and companionship to your significant other. But our society doesn't thrive because we devoted ourselves to only one person for life.

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