Is marriage socially beneficial enough that governments should encourage their citizens to marry?

  • Yes, marriage is beneficial.

    While a lot of people choose not to get married, it's definitely a beneficial thing to society. For example, in an ideal situation, children greatly appreciate and benefit from having a mother and a father. They learn different things from each one. It's also easier for people at end of life if they have a legal spouse. That being said, I'm not sure how much the government should get involved, other than perhaps providing better tax breaks for those who are married. They can't force people to do something they don't want to do.

  • It shouldn't be encouraged.

    Marriage may be beneficial enough but it shouldn't be encouraged by the government. I needs to be left up to people to get married or not. This is especially true with the high divorce rate in many countries. To encourage marriage would make people decide to get married who are not really ready to.

  • Marriage is socially beneficial, but doesn't need governement encouragement

    Marriage is socially beneficial. It creates a unique and special relationship between spouses and their families. There are legal, social, societal and sometimes religious aspects to marriage. It can be complicated and difficult, and it should be entered into by choice. I don't think governments should be encouraging folks to marry. Not everyone wants to get married.

  • Not in modern western society, for the most part.

    I preface this by saying that I'm an old-fashioned girl who believes in marriage and that marriage has many wonderful benefits. But I no longer believe marriage is of a significant benefit to governments. Once upon a time, government-sponsored marriage was a great way to encourage the creation of more tax-payers. But I think western society is now at a point where we have enough responsible people that government has no strong reason to be involved with marriage. Let it return to being a cultural/religious/whatever thing.

  • No,governments should not encourage heir citizens.

    The vows of marriage should be between the two people involved in the relationship.There is really no room for the government to be involved and no reason to.If a person wants to stay single their entire life or get married numerous times then it should be more than acceptable as long as they are following the law.

  • governments should not encourage citizens to marry

    In today's world, we are overwhelmed with huge demands on resources that seem to be precarious, resources such as water and food. Topsoil is disappearing, water for irrigation is disappearing also. We don't know if we can sustain seven billion people on the planet and have not figured out how we can leave this planet and survive elsewhere.

    People should not be encouraged to marry and have children but rather work on making this world a better place with more sustainable sources of food, water and energy. In addition, many people really cannot afford to have children.

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