• Marriage Should be the ONLY way two people should live and sleep together.

    Marriage is a commitment to stay together, promising yourself to each other in the eyes of both yourselves and God. Gay marriage should be illegal, as the Bible says it's an abomination, and marriage should be kept sacred. Divorce shouldn't be an option, either. If you're willing to live together without saying your vows, that's not tying yourself down to one person. I think marriage is proof of love, and how can you say forever if you don't prove you mean it? A man who loves Jesus faithfully also shows his wife and family that faithful love. This no marriage trend is setting a bad example for the younger generation, causing them to grow up corrupt in sin.

  • Get married or don't live together

    In a marriage there is a dedication, a willingness to stay together. Nowadays people just seemingly get together, and push of marriage as if it was a foolish tradition. Lets put some meat on the table, after a certain amount of time normally 6 months if you live with your "special friend" it is already considered a type of marriage, why? Well if we put facts together, the past and the present while pondering on the future , one will realize that this lack of marriage will destroy our society FYI it already is, its already corroding the heart of America, which is sad. Think about it, WHY did people get married in the first place? Was their any true love involved? Yes their was. Marriage provides a stable foundation that can and will be tested. A person that is not married, believe that they can run away at any time, Why?, because they lack devotion a deeper love. They are as a severed root, twisted from the natural way of things. We are not as animals who just have partners, in such a thing we are unexcused. Remember the law, one of the fundamental laws that came BEFORE our country ACTION and REACTION, for every action there is a consequence that you cant always control. What will the consequence of the lack of marriage be? What are the positive affects? How about the negative impacts? It may seem like a good idea, but to me it seems like the foolish actions of teenagers whom think nothing of the future. To this i bid adieu, and hope that you can see, what the others have not.

  • Yes! It's A Choice!

    Marriage isn't for everyone. Some individuals have commitment issues. Some people, for various reasons, just aren't good candidates for marriage, i.E workaholics. Others are simply too selfish to handle that kind of a relationship. Some marriages fail, but there are no guarantees in life (except death). Others go the distance.

    Marriage is a choice. As a society, we deserve that choice. It's not mandatory, from a legal standpoint. It is encouraged, by most religions. Still, the decision comes down to what the couple want or need from their relationship. If they want to make the step into marriage, it is right for them. If they choose, for whatever reason not to do so, that's their choice. A number of factors may influence their decision. While others may disagree, each couple has the right to choose what works for them. That pretty much equates to a need for marriage in our society.

  • The bible says

    Man was made for woman and vice versa , if the world went without marriage , it is like a world with no direct path to follow and no plan for the future ahead. Family keeps one's life occupied. An unmarried man is the most likely to become the bad seed of a society.

  • Personally yes, there's just something right about it.

    Well, my vote is yes we need marriage still, it can be a great and beautiful thing. It requires dedication and courage, and many other great attributes. Will having a girlfriend may be good at the moment , it was never inteneded to be a life-time relationship, perhaps the name for girlfriend and boyfriend living together ought to be given a different name, just so that we can see the differences, because that's becoming an ordeal, nowadays. There is that confusion in the distinction. There's commitment in every group of relation, but the one that requires the highest amount of devotion is marriage, and so it is the only one that Can give the most satisfaction. That's my logic based on marriage, not an expert, not even married, but even i can see this.. Anyways i vote yes marriage is great and ought to be continued and practiced in our societies today, and oh yeah children build off confidence between the stable relationship between their parents.

  • Marriage created more complications

    Marriage created all marriage related offenses called adultery, bigamy, etc. It created domestic violence, divorce, maintenance etc. Which is a social problem in these days. It is the source of child abuse, abused childhood and thousands of other mental and physical problems.

    The ceremoney of marriage is very costly in these days and full of false promises before god or spouse.

    Why keep it alive?

  • It might be a big statement but sometimes it kills

    Im amazed to find, And its very disappointing to see alot of educate people who still take bible literally.
    The Bible support marriage in a widee sense but at that time marriage is for everyone. The foundation of everything business to honor. But as the times goes on we are not in need of a marriage, People can of course marry, But it should be not a must. And we should change the way we think.

  • Not at all!

    It doesn't keep people together. Divorce always costs more than marrying. Child support has always been a separate legal mechanism for ensuring that couples who make babies actually support their children. I have read Glen Campbell's "The Case Against Marriage". It explains just why marriage needs to be done away with completely and no longer be an option for anyone, not even religious, heterosexual couples who wanna make babies.

  • It makes no difference if you're married or not as long as you are loving and faithful to each other.

    It doesn't matter if you go to a strange looking building and tell a man in a strange dress that you will always be there for each other to gain the approval of an invisible man in the sky. As long as you love each other that doesn't make any difference.

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