• Colonizing a new planet, a new home for humanity

    Thanks to growing population, contamination and global warming, Humanity needs a new planet to live on. Mars might just prove to be the planet we use as our new home. It will also help us discover new tecnology and knowledge we can use with the colonization of other planets. If mars one works it will be worth all the resources put in to it. Besides, even if it doesnt work, we can't sit around doing nothing. We need to save our race even if our first attemp fails.

  • Gewoon omdat het kan

    Daaaaaaroooom en het is gewoon goed enzo ik vind dat je gewoon moet gaan anders ben je gwn loser. I would also go enzo because dan you ken go je weet wel. Het is gewoon fk smart you get it? No? I'll explain a bit more just fucking go bye!

  • Amazing new discoveries

    I think if humans went to mars they could find lots of things rovers can not. I know its not really safe but that didn't stop earths great explorers. Even if something did go wrong they would probably do it again. This may be the first step to something amazing like lightspeed space travel. Nowone knows what we could find up there but the only way we can find out is by moving forward with the project and doing it.

  • Required more than sensible.

    We must ensure life continues for humans for as long as possible, regardless of location. It is a risk to the initial four, however selection process has made it clear to the applicants what they could potentially let themselves in for. I for one am amazed this is gathering momentum within my lifetime and in nine years time, who knows what progress will have been made between now and then.

  • Mars One is a waste of time

    Mars One is a huge waste of time, I mean going to Mars would be pretty cool, but I think that the idea about not being able to come back to Earth is a dumb idea. If I was born on Mars, I would always wonder what it would be like to go outside without putting on an astronaut suit would be like, or wanting to see trees and go swimming, and get in touch with real nature. I wouldn't be able to go back to see my family, I would want to go back. I wouldn't even be able to be in touch with them. I think that everyone who is going is making a huge mistake and everyone will realize that this idea won't work out and they wasted millions on it.

  • Why mars one is bad

    It is bad because if you go to Mars and you dont like it you cant come back. If you go there you will die in 68 days due to suffocation.Also 6 billion dollars is not enough to go to Mars, NASA will at least need 80 billion dollars to be able to start building.

  • No one knows what could truly happen on mars.

    Why does a human have to go to mars when a robot can do the job. Plus the Earth still has hope to be healed so why spend the money in going to mars when you can spent that money to cure and repair this planet. And nobody has steped foot on mars so how do you expect everything is going to turn out as planned. No one knows what could truly happen on mars.

  • Could cause lost of all kinds of stuff

    In my opinion i think this is a bad idea that they are building colonies on mars because it could cause death,job lost,family lost and cost lots of money and it will take 8 yrs. Of training. Why go its a waist of time money,supply's and more items ... Why go it will waist you time and your life

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