• There's no reason not to

    The world is already overpopulated with people and greenhouse gases. If people are okay with leaving their lives then whats the big problem. Most of the people that want to go have really boring lives and they are getting tired of the same thing everyday so just let them go.

  • This could be our backup plan

    What happens when one guy decides to show that he is stronger and better than some other guy and they start a war. From that war there is ruin and death upon earth and all of the humans are gone. What about keeping our race alive and not going extinct like other species have?

  • Major mankind impact

    Starting a colony on Mars would relieve the amount of overpopulation in some countries and also help relieve the stress of greenhouse gases. Or if people want to make a difference in life by choosing to go to Mars, They should have the choice to. Traveling to Mars would make a positive impact on humanity.

  • Why not do it.

    We need to explore the universe and we will never know about it until we explore it. If people have a passion to explore Mars and the solar system then it is a smart idea to at least try it. If the technology fails and hurts the people ect as long as they are okay with it then they are helping us in our journey to Mars.

  • If they want to let them gosh darn

    When they get there then they can figure out a lot more things that we don't have an exact answer to. It could also lead to other technology. Honestly its there choose of going or not. I would probably not choose to go if I had the opportunity to go.

  • I could care less about other peoples actions, Unless they effect me.

    It shouldn't be my decision to hold people back if they want to go to mars, I could care less. And if the trip is made successfully maybe in the future i would want to join in on the trend and make my trip later in my life. But i could care less about what others do.

  • Having a purpose

    Some people feel like they don't have a purpose here on earth, Some just feel like they want to stop and start their life fresh. Going to mars and never leaving can help. It can help you become social, I mean, You will be on another planet where you know nobody and have never been. You can help the future, Because if one day something happens to the earth and we need to flee, We will have a place to go, And the chosen few will have helped with that, And have a purpose.

  • Think about your values

    We can find so many new things, And we can learn so much more. If you have family or a loved one that you would hate to leave behind, I recommend not going. But if you have nothing to lose and have been dreaming about this for a long time, Go for it. Just look at the pros and cons, Then make your decision.

  • Expand the human life

    If the Mars mission goes well we could keep sending more and more people up there to make a new earth on Mars. If this goes well we could see if they could just have people start reproducing to increase the population on the planet. More population means more people in the universe.

  • Yes, No, Maybe

    In my opinion, Its a nice idea and it would be very neat, But some of the candidates have someone in there lives and they are willing to leave them and possible never seeing them again. I find it really mean, They probably didn't expect it to be possible, But always wanted to go, I would just stayed with my family and wait until we all could go.

  • Mars One is a waste of time

    Mars One is a huge waste of time, I mean going to Mars would be pretty cool, but I think that the idea about not being able to come back to Earth is a dumb idea. If I was born on Mars, I would always wonder what it would be like to go outside without putting on an astronaut suit would be like, or wanting to see trees and go swimming, and get in touch with real nature. I wouldn't be able to go back to see my family, I would want to go back. I wouldn't even be able to be in touch with them. I think that everyone who is going is making a huge mistake and everyone will realize that this idea won't work out and they wasted millions on it.

  • It is pointless and bad

    It will cost a ton of money that we don't have to send some suicidal people to go find some dusty iron and die. What is the point? To live on a planet with no trees or healthy outside stuff. No. Death and sadness and no more Earth. Too scary.

  • It's dumb and will never happen.

    We have been exploring mars for years and there are still many things that should still be thought of before anything happens. Like you need to know how much oxygen will be needed to survive and how they will get food and water because the water on mars is frozen. And there are these people saying that they don't have anyone to care for and that they wouldn't mind going somewhere else for the remaining of their lives. What if they do meet someone before it happens or if they get to mars and they miss earth, Will they ever be able to come back or are they stuck on mars forever and they can never change their minds about it?

  • Let these gosh darn people go!

    I could literally care less if people want to die on a whole other planet that nobody really knows about. And the fact that you can't go back is even dumper. But like I said if people want to die on a planet 33. 9 million miles away. . . Fine by me.

  • Not good idea at all

    1. You could never come back to earth if you miss someone
    2. Why waste your time in a rocket ship and do nothing when on Earth you can do more stuff
    3. You would be put with strangers that you won't even know at all
    4. There is a risk you wouldn't make it to Mars and could die

  • Why I think it's stupid

    I think its stupid because we can't come back and if we leave our family we will never be able to see them again. Yes, We could find many new things but not being able to ever come back and dying on a new and totally unknown planet would be scary. It also cost so much money and it's not even gaurenteed that we can make it to mars. You go up there with people you never met before and live with them for the rest of your life.

  • I think it's testing our abilities and God.

    Its ok to try and explore different things. But it's different when we are trying to achieve something that we have been for a very long time and it hasn't worked at all. God allows us the ability to do things and he helps us with them but we are taking things into our own hands and basically telling God that we can do things without him.

  • Waste of time and cash.

    Traveling to mars can not be cheap. America is already in extreme debt and traveling to mars every few years and is is very risky. It has not even been proven to be a suitable living environment. There is ice, Aka water. However mars has carbon dioxide in the air and not oxygen. There are ways around it but it will be a very expensive and time consuming project.

  • Why would i want to go to mars?

    I don't think you would be able to live on mars. Why would someone want to go to another planet when we already have one to live on. I think if someone goes to mars they should be able to come back. Mars would be a fun place to visit but leaving lots of love ones behind would be awful.

  • Mars is bad

    Mars will kill you ruthlessly and leave you without any help. If you think it's fun then try again you will question your sanity stuck in a ship for 2 years knowing you will be dead soon. Your friends will not help you anymore, And the food tastes really bad.

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