Is Marshall your favourite member of PAW Patrol?

Asked by: MarioJumper16
  • He’s the funniest and he does the most work.

    We like fire fighters and Marshall is funny and accident prone which makes him more human like and teaches that imperfection is ok. Overall marshall is my favorie. . . Even though I like Chase a lot. . . And my writer pen name is "ilovezuma" marshall Marshall is good natured and loving. . . In fanfiction he is loving but tends to be abused. . . Sadly. . . I feel bad for him. . . But he's the nicest pup by far. . . I like Marshall a lot

  • Blue is better

    I think Chase is better because he is like second in command after Rider. Him being a police officer is way better than a firefighter, Also I like the color blue. He is way more versitile than the other pups and even has a “spy chase” outfit, Which gives him options to do missions. Finally he is a German Shepherd which are way better than dolmations.

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