• Martha Stuart Styling as a Hip Cool Lady

    I think Martha Stuart is a hip cool lady, but I also think she always has been. Sure she did a little time in the slammer, but she overcame that and learned a little about the real world. She has constantly been able to stylistically change with the times and stay on the hip side.

  • No, Martha Stewart is not hip.

    I am 24 years old and have lived past the Martha Stewart ordeal. To this day I do not hear much about her anymore but that doesn't mean she is "cool" or "hip" now.
    What Martha Stewart did was wrong. Although she didn't instigate the selling of shares, she still participated in it and let the company drag everyone under while she tried to get out clean. Martha wouldn't have told anyone and no one would have ever known what she did if she wasn't ratted out, and she even tried to lie to maintain her innocence.
    Just because you are a public figure doesn't make me forget about the horrible things you've done.
    Martha Stewart is not hip or cool for what she did.

  • Martha Stewart Is Out of Date

    Prior to her stunt in jail, Martha Stewart was admired. As a successful broker on Wall Street, young women looked up to her as a model for their professional careers. However, this success landed her in jail. After being away from the public, her popularity has died and the media has moved on.

  • Martha Stewart is a has been.

    She is old. Her home designs are a personal taste, which I do not find cool or hip. If she had not been in the public eye for her tax fraud, she would probably not even be in pop culture at all. I can not even remember when I have actually seen her last.

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