• They are getting too cruel, and who's to stop them

    They are shooting more people, outlawing more totally fair things, and the civilians cant do anything about them because if we try they just come in with their riot shields and kill everybody. They are becoming more like a trained terrorist group than a police force that is designed to keep the usa safe.

  • Of course it is,

    The United States Government, has started militarizing the police force, 200,000,000 automatic weapon magazines, hundreds of articles of camouflage, hundreds of armored vehicles and aircraft, 12 million automatic weapons, 7 million silencers, over 27 million flashbang hand grenades. In Wisconsin, a child in a crib had a flash bang thrown into the crib because "it was suspected that there was a perp with a weapon inside the crib. Its a ridiculous for us to militarize the police. "Theres a reason for you separate the military the military and the police, one fights the enemies of the country, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both then the enemies of the state tend to become the people"

  • Uh not really

    Maybe if the right wing didn't keep funding the military, Obama wouldn't have a military to put onto martial law. If you really were really scared that the big bad world that you call government was going to martial law, then you wouldn't be funding the military that the commander in chief, cough cough OBAMA, whom controls the military. America has been a police state since the beginning of it's creation that tries to control the population's social lives it's just grown. We've developed a two party system of centre-right and centre-left wing that try to look like they're different from each other but they really aren't all that different. And actually the reason of the throwing the flash bang into the crib was not because of a suspect with a weapon, it was actually because they (the police) were committing a drug raid and believed that there was drugs inside the house. This wasn't because somebody owned a weapon, this happened because the people are trying to win an unbeatable feel-good war against drugs. I actually copied the piece that ringwing15 said "it was suspected that there was a perp..." etc and pasted it in multiple search engines and found no news article that had those words. Do you mind linking me to where you find that quote?

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