Is Martin Brodeur the greatest hockey player of all time?

  • Yes he is!

    Martin Brodeur is the greatest hockey player of all time! Remember that one time when Grizzly Bears attacked the rink and Martin fended them off with a roundhouse kick to the jugular? That moment solidified my respect for the man, as well as the sport of hockey itself. Aww yeah!

  • Yes he might just be.

    Martin Brodeur holds many records in the NHL and the NHL has even had to change goal tending rules because of him. His fast reflexes and 21 years of experience make him easily the best of all time. Another reason he may be the best of all time is his undying loyalty to his team. His Olympic gold and outstanding records make him probably the best of all time.

  • Martin is the best GOALIE in hockey history.

    He played for the devils. He is in the hockey hall of fame. He also has been playing for a long long long long long time. He is always calm and in control before games and not freaking out. He was trained by a former goalie that was very good.

  • He is not all that great.

    Check out the site, "Brodeur is a fraud", for an exhaustive study explaining how Martin Brodeur has been just a slightly above average goalie that has had the benefit of excellent defensive systems playing in front of him. Hasek, Roy and several other net-minders are quite a bit statistically superior to him.

  • No, that is too bold a statement.

    Although Martin Brodeur is an excellent hockey player, I think it would be very bold to say he is the greatest hockey player of all time. There are so many skilled players, I think it would be extremely unfair to say he trumps them all. He is a magnificent goalie and I would have to say he ranks in the top 10.

  • He Is Not the Greatest

    Martin Brodeur is a great player. He is probably one of the best ever and definitely the best goalie of all-time. I just do not thin he is the greats overall hockey player. That title goes to The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky changed the game and has more impressive stats.

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