Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day more significant now than it has been in recent history?

  • We are at a crossroads.

    It seems like race is more of an issue than it was 20 years ago. We need MLK day to remind all people on both sides of the race card that we are one country. There are many hurt feelings and incidents in recent years, and that makes MLK day more important than ever.

  • I agree that Martin Luther King Day is more significant

    I agree that Martin Luther King Day is more significant than it has been in recent history because of all the number of events that has happened in America that go against what Martin Luther King Jr wanted. So much conflict has been going on racially as of recent and that alone will bring people even closer on Martin Luther King Jr Day

  • Sadly, It's Not.

    As much as it saddens me to say, it is true. My generation is growing and from what I see, most people see it as a federal holiday and a day off school. Realizing it now, we don't appreciate Martin Luther King Jr. As a person as much as we use to before. We should be teaching these kids of the legacy and strive this man has created so the day can be honored the way he honored the people of America.

  • No one cares.

    To most people it is what it always will be, just another holiday away from work, and or school. Of course there might be some non-justified protest against white people but that is it. Dr. King was a great man, and he is smart enough to know peaceful protest from harassment.

  • Times have changed.

    A lot has changed since those days. We have had black people in every position of power including the presidency. Things are more equal than they have ever been.
    What I think is ridiculous is when people play the race card. Using race to draw attention to an issue where race was not the issue. The worst perpetrators are the media who use it just to boost ratings.
    In reality, it is clear that most people learned nothing from Kings non-violent approach as his death alone initiated riots. In events since then, just about every peaceful demonstration has also lead to riots. Clearly the public has learned nothing from his approach because riots just spit in the face of what he tried to do.

  • Martin Luther King Junior Day

    Citizens in all 50 states delivered meals, refurbished schools and community centers, and collected food and clothing. Volunteers also recruited mentors, supported job-seekers, built homes and provided other services for veterans and military families, and helped citizens improve their financial literacy skills.This was done 20 years back and we continue to look at a persons race by being race discrimination everyday since last 20 years.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day Is Always Significant

    While I think that some people might find Martin Luther King Jr. Day more significant now due to their own personal realizations or events in their lives, I believe that MLK Jr. Day has always held the same amount of significance in general. What it means hasn't changed and we can still do our best to represent it.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    I think Martin Luther King Jr. Day is less significant today, than it was back in the day because we were proud of our accomplishments of getting rid of race discrimination in the United States, but each year more and more race discrimination is happening, such examples is the media. When a police officer shoots a black man, the media's top headline is usually about the skin color, and how the man was shot because he was black, we focus more on race, than the crime actually committed.

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