• Yes, but only insofar as any dream is somewhat unattainable.

    A dream is a dream because it leads us into the future with a positive sense of what might be. In many ways Martin Luther King's dream has been realized because racial mingling is now much more accepted than we ever could have imagined in his time. But there is still racism and always more to accomplish.

  • MLK's Dream Impossible

    Unfortunately, Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream is mostly unattainable at this point. The United States has made great strides in racial equality, but we haven't met MLK's expectations yet. We might get there one day, though. Still, it's going to be a long journey before American can meet such a dream.

  • No, equality exists in places.

    No, Martin Luther King's dream is not unattainable, because Luther's dream has come true in places. Although no society is perfect, the United States has come a long ways towards a free, equal, and fair society. Many people understand King's mission and have put it into practice in their lives in the United States. King has left quite a legacy.

  • It Is Attainable

    I believe Martin Luther King's dream is attainable and many facets of that dream have been obtained. As a white person, I couldn't care less what your skin color is and I'm certainly not going to act like a person with a different color skin deserves less than I do. My child plays with people of different races and interacts with them regularly. I would say it has been obtained, for the most part.

  • It is not.

    Martin Luther King's dream is not unattainable. While it may take awhile, eventually everyone will be treated equally. There has been great stride of this in the most recent future and we are well on our way to achieving Martin Luther King's dream of everyone not being jusged on the color of their skin.

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