• Marvel is awesome

    Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, Thor the Dark World, Avengers, Captain America the first Avenger, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers age of Ultron, Ant man, Deadpool, Captain America Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-man Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, Spider-man Far from Home, And any others in the future

  • Y Disney dude?

    In theory, Superhero fans should be delighted by Thursday’s news that Disney, In one one of the biggest corporate deals in history, Is acquiring most of 21st Century Fox for around $52 billion. One of the major creative consequences the move is that it will bring together the hitherto scattered intellectual properties of Marvel Comics, Allowing for a consolidation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into one coherent entity. Hitherto, Disney had owned most of Marvel’s vast pantheon of heroes, Including Iron Man, Thor, And Black Panther, While Fox owned the rights to X-Men, The Fantastic Four, And Deadpool. Now, All these characters can be brought under the same roof. Rotten Tomatoes described the merger as “a win” for Marvel fans since it’ll give them more X-Men, More Fantastic Four, More Silver Surfer, More Doctor Doom, And more crossovers with these characters.

    If you’ve ever dreamed of an X-Men versus the Avengers movie, Then the Disney/Fox union is cause for glee:

    AM2DM by BuzzFeed News

    You’ve probably heard that Disney just bought Fox, But it means a lot more than just an Avengers/X-Men crossover, @MattZeitlin explains. #AM2DM

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    While fans are exhilarated, There’s little in the news to cheer filmmakers like Ridley Scott or Martin Scorsese, Both of whom have expressed dismay at the domination of superhero films (although Scorsese has perhaps surrendered to commercial reality by agreeing to produce a Joker film). Nor is it good news for those concerned about the increasing concentration of corporate power in a few hands. As Harvard literary scholar (and comic book fan) Stephanie Burt noted:

    Stephanie Burt
    Disney-Fox merger: good for X-Men films, Bad for everything else in America?

    4:40 AM - Dec 15, 2017
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    But this deal might be bad even for those, Like superhero fans, Who are welcoming it. Under the control of Disney, The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a hugely popular but ultimately cookie-cutter franchise, With little tonal diversity from movie to movie. Each movie follows the same mixture of cartoonish fisticuffs leavened with jokes and an epic, Universe-threatening CGI ending.

    One advantage of having different studios making superhero films is that they bring different sensibilities. As Alex Abad-Santos of Vox notes,

    Fox’s X-Men aren’t locked into that [Disney] system, Nor does there seem to be an overarching narrative that the studio wants to accomplish with its X-Men movies the way Marvel wants to with its Avengers, Leaving individual X-Men movies to establish their own distinctive approaches and personalities. X-Men: First Class is a stylish, Charming superhero period piece set in the Cold War era. X-Men: Days of Future Past plays with time travel and the idea of changing history. Deadpool is a raunchy comedy full of butts, Murder, And jokes about chimichangas, While this year’s apocalyptic Logan is a bloody Western that received rave reviews.

  • That dude has a point

    Thor Ragnorak was a good movie but they just skipped a lot of things and they slapped world war hulk inside.
    The Red skull was a great villain that could rival Captain America, But he is being ignored. Where is the abomination?
    If you read the comic book story on Ragnarok it was way cooler, And world war hulk could have been made into a separate movie. Where was the enchantress or the other Asgardian that they MCU forgot about? Skar will never be born because this hulk is way too emasculated.
    And I am looking at the next phase and I am not liking the movies.
    They want to have Valkyrie be some gay queen of Asgard. The only thing that looks decent is spider man and maybe "what if".
    I do not want to see hawkeye or some c list hero like the falcon.
    I want to see war machine spider man wolverine and iron man, But now they went to see less males. And these SJW directors want to push their own agendas. Captain Marvel is bad and so will the other movies.
    Ms Marvel is a a low tier hero

    Marvel will die just like starwars

  • Its only downhill from here

    Iron man 1 and Captain America and Avengers 1 were great. After that it went slowly downhill.
    They started to kill off cool villains way too quickly. They Rushed entire story arcs into one movie. They nerfed the hulk and made him weak. Infinity war was good but you do realize that just killed off the top superheros.
    The only A Lister left are spider man hulk and thor, But Thor is going to be replaced and hulk is at a crossroads.

    The skull invasion will never happen because of captain marvel and you can't do other iron man arcs.

    Look at the new phases. They look bad and only a few might be worth watching.

    They skipped a lot of story arcs that will never happen anymore because directors are just picking random stories.

    I do not expect movies to copy comic books word for word, But they need to stop being so short sighted, And botching good stories.
    They messed up civil war and it was not even a great story.
    Go watch avengers earths mightiest heroes and see how better they are than the new Disney's avengers assemble.

    And there are cooler darker stories that will never happen because Disney is a family company.

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