• Marvel for the win!!!!!

    Marvel's setting is much simpler. First, Aqua-man? Really? The guy who rides a sea horse? Second, Dead-pool is the best and could kill superman in an instant. Third, Marvel does not make op superheroes. Like, the only way to kill superman is a rock from a planet half way across the galaxy that blew up! How are you supposed to kill him? Last thing: Aqua man. Lamest super hero ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He talks to fish and rides a sea horse. No further comment needed. Marvel is not as lame and is sooo better!

  • Marvel is expanding their universe while DC is stepping back and tripping while they try to step up.

    This argument shouldn't be about the fact one company has one character while another has another. DC is milking batman for all he's worth and it's to the point where he's over played. Marvel is stepping out of the box and pumping out movie after movie and continues to have movies planned out for the next 15 years. Marvel heroes and Villains differ in ways that DC fans can only dream over. How many DC characters are homosexual or bisexual? If you go to the DC page and ask there are about 7 pages, while Marvel has 8. DC has 2 pages of bisexual characters while Marvel has 6. It should also be added that Chris Evans is currently portraying Steven Rogers as Bisexual in film. Either way Marvel is simply stepping up and DC is stepping down and calling back on classic hero reboots like Batman that have been done to death for support and that's also what the fans are falling back on. Also, the fact that Disney now owns a portion of Marvel does not suddenly made the characters "Disney Princesses".

  • DC has not brought up any Relavent Topics

    None of the DC supporters has actually brought any Relavent Facts to the Table here. They have simply stated that DC has certain Characters that they like, therefore it's better, or that Certain DC characters could kill certain Marvel Characters. But let's be honest, Marvel is Better. The biggest problem for me personally here, is that DC is OP. In Wonder woman for example, She's fighting Aries, and then suddenly she slams her Wrists together and becomes this super-powerful Over Powered character that destroyes Aries, A GOD. AND she does it in one movie. Marvel, likes to create an actual story, the characters are evenly balanced, and the Villians are difficult to defeat. Like even in Hulk or Thor, which features overly powerful characters and Gods, they meet challenges that they have difficulty with. Like in Thor Ragnarok, after three Thor Movies and a huge suspenseful build up, His Father Dies, then his Sister comes through and basically shatters everything we've ever known about Thor, then we find out she's nearly unkillable (She's the god of death). So basically, Thor is forced to Ironically release a demon that he beat at the beginning of the movie, to destroy his sister, and also sacrifices his Homeworld. A lot more suspenseful than one movie about an island full of Warriors with no great advancements in technology after 4000+ years and then suddenly fighting world war 1, killing a god and (Theres a discrepancy in this movie,) Ending all wars. But what about WW2? If she killed Aries, then how come in Batman and Superman and the like, they have WW2 in their history? An Afternote that i'd like to add is that Marvel only remakes movies because their movies were made by other companies, and they don't remake it more than once, there is two hulk series, two Spider-Man series, two Fantasic 4 series, whereas there are 3 batman series, 2 superman series, and not even a Flash movie yet. C'mon guys. Seriously.

  • Marvel rules it is da best

    Marvel has way better characters. Thor, Captain America, SpiderMan, Wolverine, Hulk, Nick Fury, Iron Stark, Ant-Man, Venom, Hobgoblin, Red Skull, Loki, Cyclops. These are some of marvel's superheroes and villians. These heroes and villians are way better than DC's superheroes and villians. Marvel is the best. Marvel comics are awesome.

  • One small back step for DC, one GIANT leap for Marvel

    Marvel is better than DC in so many ways. Their characters are not overpowered like Superman. And also not lame like aqua man. Marvel is more realistic while DC is more about mythsr and legends. We know Thor and the rest of the Norse gods are apart of mythology but DC makes beings like Superman who ain’t a god, strong as a god or even stronger! This isn’t right. Since when did Superman became worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer?! Now onto movies. Marvel no doubt has beaten DC. Marvel makes their movie more humourous. DC makes their movie based on the superheroes and villains power while Marvel based it around the superheroes and villains personality (think about Tony Stark, Peter Parker etc). Ok now, let’s face the facts. Most people thinks about the avengers, x men, fantastic 4 etc, when it comes to marvel. Most people think about joker, lex Luthor, Bane etc, when it comes to DC. They make DC’s villians too strong, which kills of their heroes. Sure Marvel does that, but with invincible gods and aliens as heroes? Nooooo. And how does Batman recover after getting his back snapped by Bane??! My case is now closed. Marvel is way better than DC

  • Just Awesome :)

    Deadpool, is just funny and awesome and is unique but still relatable. Also love xmen because it can be versatile, and adaptable to diff peoples interests and relate to people and the wishes of powers. But honestly not a huge comic buff but out of all the characters marvel has the most of what I like.

  • Marvel comics are Better Than DC comics.

    Although DC comics came before Marvel comics, look at marvels creative ideas. A place called wakanda, which is a place that cant be seen by the normal human eye. A man who’s body is made out of metal and two men who have a healing factor. DC does have some creative ideas, they have a teen who Cana turn himself into animals and a gorilla who can think like Albert Einstein. But then look at some things DC has created that totally sucks, a man bat, a alien who can fly and can shoot lasers out of his eyes. DC sounds like a 5 year old made it up. Like listen to some of DC’s names: Condiment King or Captain Cold. So really if you think about it, DC is a 5 year olds dream and Marvel is a 35 year olds man dream.

  • DC has not presented any actual facts

    So far DC has not presented any actual facts as to why it is better than Marvel, they've simply said that the characters are awesome or that DC has a certain character, or that one character can beat another. The simple fact is that DC has too many gods and OP characters and their powers are unfair suddenly extreme, whereas Marvel's Heroes are equally balanced and the villain's are stronger to make the fight difficult and creates an actual feeling of suspense. For Example, Wonder Woman. Basically every superhero movie is good. But in wonder woman, right at the end of the fight with Aries, she basically slams her gauntlets together and suddenly becomes this mega-powerful god slayer. Whereas even in Thor Ragnarok for example, they don't make any of the characters defeat Herra, instead, they try their best, even with the mega-powers, and fail. Instead, they have to sacrifice their entire homeworld and ironically release the fire-dude (cant remember his name, but you know what I mean) which they defeated at the beginning.

  • Marvel is unique

    First of all i would like to say dc is running out of ideas.Batman superman even wonder woman have been remade lots of times and its the same old plot in dc like a huge gigantic over powered monster tries to attack and they beat it and thats what been happenning and it does not change (except batman couse he has no powers so his enemies are humans )unlike marvel who has equal standings with their enemies and has not been repeating the same plot over and over unlike dc i mean come on when was the last time that dc had had a villain who is stronger than their hero plus they make it so obvios whats going to happen next

  • Marvel has stakes and realism

    Aside from being more down to Earth and relatable to the audience, Marvel characters have faults and motivation where DC characters are flat. They make mistakes, yes, and they are forced to face the consequences of them, as seen in Civil War. DC movies are more focused on drawing numbers with big claims that lack plot, like Batman V Superman.
    There is also a sense of fear that comes with whether a Marvel character will die (moreso for the MCU than the X-men) as they generally stay dead. One notable exception is Bucky Barnes, but his return is more plot related than fan service related, unlike how DC has a tendency to kill and revive characters constantly with little rhyme or reason (think Superman in the Justice League movie). Aditionally, Bucky’s return made sense due to its relevancy in the comics and the evidence from The First Avenger that supported it.
    DC heroes are overpowered. Even Marvel gods have flaws. Characters with godlike powers and no vulnerability whatsoever are dry and boring, especially when their personalities are about as dull as a beige wall. One exception would be Wonder Woman, but she does lack physical vulnerability and was butchered by the Justice League movie.

  • DC is for men. Marvel is for children.

    DC has Batman. Enough said, I think. DC is the Lou Reed of comics, and Marvel is the David Bowie. One went pop, the other stayed rock and roll, even if it cost them some success. Just read "Batman: The Killing Joke" and you'll probably agree. Marvel is "Disneyfied" pop music, and DC is pure rock and roll.

    Plus, Superman started it all. He is the Superhero that began "superherodom"

  • F### pff marvel! Kids draydreaming abt shit! Marvel is 90% copy of DC

    Dc was found first. Dc has 2 oscars. Bear selling comic books of all time. Best action movie for this century is from dc- ww. Kids who doesnt knw anything abt the world and certainly piss in there pants likes marvel and daydream that marvel is better than dc. Poor kids... Real ppl with brains ar definietly for dc!!! Fuck marvel! Think twice! DC IS THE BESR! HEIL DC!<3

  • Dc is much better

    Marvel only has diffy daffy characters without much morals as strong as that of batman. Also, marvel "heros" aren't exactly ethically right. They go around killing people off, simultaneously making "heroic" light hearted jokes in the middle of battles, while hardly knowing the NAME of the people they killed. And they are supposed to be heroes who inspire and are right, representing the goodwill of brave hearted people? I don't think so. Also, take a look at the dark knight. It actually values the responsibility of each character, and doesn't focus on just making the characters "look epic". Sure DC has its flaws, but marvel is worse from a more fundamental stage, as material to be served to the young age, and the citizens of the future.

  • DC Comics are just better.

    Well, first of all I used to read Marvel. They joked around too much. Overpowered everybody. Copied off of DC. And Marvel is just going downhill. Nobody should be saying Marvel is better. DC has a better universe. Marvel copies entire characters and plots off of DC. And the DC universe is better for new readers. Even the classic old ones are fantastic.

  • Dick grason,wally west the bomb

    Dc is much better Marvel only has diff daffy characters without much morals as strong as that of batman. Also, marvel "heroes" aren't exactly ethically right. They go around killing people off, simultaneously making "heroic" light hearten jokes in the middle of battles, while hardly knowing the NAME of the people they killed. And they are supposed to be heroes who inspire and are right, representing the goodwill of brave hearten people? I don't think so. Also, take a look at the dark knight. It actually values the responsibility of each character, and doesn't focus on just making the characters "look epic". Sure DC has its flaws, but marvel is worse from a more fundamental stage, as material to be served to the young age, and the citizens of the future.

  • DC is better

    Because it is ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddd d d d d d d d d d d d d c c c c c c c c c ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

  • Background check anyone?

    As cool as Marvel is, DC takes the win for me. I can't help but notice that many of the opposing posts mention two heroes. Aquaman and Superman. Many criticize Aquaman on the fact that "all he can do" is talk to fish and ride seahorses. I beg to differ. Several times over Aquaman has proved his worth as a king, hero, warrior, and friend. His sidekick, Aqualad, would agree. As well, Superman may have a weakness that was blown up millions of miles away, but he's still one of the largest icons of America. I have a foreign friend who came over here from Russia, and the first things she learned about was the food, Disney, and Superman. She hadn't heard of any Marvel characters until we went to watch Antman. Superman does have a weakness, which many of you have pointed at as a "Bad move", but in my eyes, it shows that even the strongest of us are vulnerable.
    And may I point out that most Marvel characters have a very similar backstories? All of them were outcasts. Unloved by either the public or their parents, if they weren't already dead. They all have their eye on the girl, but realize that she will never live them. Then they get their powers, and everything changes. They hate them. It makes them a freak. Then someone is killed because of it and they finally accept them, ultimately saving their city and winning the girl.
    DC heroes, while their pasts may be a bit more cliche, at least have a wider variety. One could argue that Batman and the original Robin are an exception to this, but when you look, there's good reason for it. Batman's parent's were killed, turning him into a cold, emotionless vigilante because he never got revenge. Then along comes Richard Grayson, an orphan who's parents were killed. He takes him in and trains him, helping him to get revenge, so that he DOESN'T turn out like him. Aquaman; raised on land, becomes king of Atlantis under the sea. His loyalties are constantly tested.
    Another thing, many people say that all DC characters are as emotionless as Batman. This simply isn't true. Do any of you care to tell me the story of Superboy? How about Martian Manhunters niece, M'gann? And Dick? Not as happy as he acts? Wally West? Same deal as Dick.
    So excuse me if I have a hard time being swayed over the one fact that I keep hearing repeated, again and again.
    Aquaman is lame.

  • Marvel is a children book

    Dc is for men (except aqua-man) batman is the dark night and all marvel has the avengers and Deadpool. All the other comments go on about Deadpool he is not the only one. The avengers is just a bad version of the justice league with a horrible playboy guy in a suit that can not fight hand to hand and a glorified shield agent version of green arrow i mean come on only a young child would find that interesting.

  • How many people know who batman and super man is and how many people know who Thor and the Hulk are?

    Im a 19 year old girl and when i was little i didn't give a rats ass about comic books but ALWAYS knew who batman, superman, and wonder woman were i didn't even know about marvel let alone its characters until my little brother was old enough to care about it. DC has a historical culture to it. Also I relate to the emotional side of DC characters better, I like its dark tone. Even though the new universe movies havent done so well, lets not forget the dark knight won two oscars.

  • Dc is so much better than dc in many ways.

    I think that DC is better than Marvel because Marvel copied DC's characters. DC came out first which they got the ideas by themselves but, Marvel came out after which they could have used DC's ideas to make their characters look like they did not copy but in reality the characters are so similar in many ways like the name , bodysuit, looks, weapons, abilities, and etc.

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