• Marvel is better than DC

    Marvel comics are way interesting and entertaining than comics. Marvel has epic storytelling and more popularity than DC. Marvel films dominate box offices, While DC films fail (75% of the time). So yes, Marvel is better and way more popular than DC. MARVEL forever! WE LOVE MARVEL

  • Marvel is better

    Overall in superhero part, DC and Marvel are all most the same. But Marvel character have better actors, More fight scenes, More superheroes and the best of all, They never lose.
    They have more people like them. Marvel's movies are longer. DC, Very very short indeed. But one thing that marvel is bad is they have too much fight scenes

  • For sure for sure

    HOnestally, The characters aren't lame, And iḿ not sure what to say because I don't know enough about this topic but if the other person doesn't have to say anything I don't see why I do. So yah. 10 more words needed? Ugh mabey this will be enough. It wasnt

  • Marvel IS better than DC

    I honestly just like Marvel more. The superheroes, Even just the stories I like more. DC isnt long enough, While with marvel, There are so many stories! Iron man, Captain america, I like them more than Super man or Bat man. They are both fine, But Marvel is just better. <3

  • EWW another one of these debates!

    Another one of these spammer debates that a far spammer was posting to cause chaos all over debate. Org please stop we just got out of a huge chain reaction of spam and stupid posts and all that nonsense and we can’t take another round of it. Debate. Org is dying and we need to save it!

  • Not A Chance In Hell

    DC has The Joker, Only the best villain of all. A super hero movie is just as much about the villain than the herp and none of marvel's villains could even dream of rivalling The Joker. All the DC characters are so well developed too, Unlike marvel, Who just hastily throws in random, Incoherent back stories and focuses on the fight scenes because that's all they really have. Marvel movies are fun to watch but in no way can they compare to DC.

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