Is Mary Burke a rich left wing democrat whose career was handed to her by her rich well connected family???

Asked by: Martley
  • No evidence she can do it on her own!

    She holds a powerful position in her DADDY'S company. What else has she done that any multi-millionaires kid hasn't ??????
    Money buys prestigious degrees so she can't take credit for that.
    So lets look at the results from the school board she was on. Oh yea that school board that had a 55% graduation rate of black kids. Oops that should be a secret!

  • Just like 99.97% of politicians

    Like every other politician having large source of revenue for politician campaigns is a must. From far left to far right, having a lengthy and prestigious college/uni degree has a positive stigma. Those are just two things that are giant components of politics but I don't think "handed to her" is the correct wording because it wasn't handed to her. She had to work for it obviously. The college, the volunteering during teenage years, creating organizations that help underprivileged kids have the ability to go to college, and work as a consultant. Money helps and family connections help but she worked for it too.

  • Harvard and Georgetown

    Considering she belongs to a very rich family and ended up attending two very amazing colleges, I would not doubt it. Though she seems to be quite fortunate, she is a very intelligent woman. But do not mistake me. I am no Democrat or Republican. I am a proud Independent.

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