• Main reason for interfernce in personal life

    Yup!! They does invade privacy to a greater part ..
    , a politician or a celebrity or a person of greater salary or someone whose face is famous ...
    Quoting an example of sex scam ,there need to be allowed these above said entities to have their personal life regardless of their work they do...
    What good they are in their must be have a greater check rather than getting in their personal life ...
    Because they represent their work
    Not their habits or their personal issues

  • Mass media does not invade public privacy

    Mass media involves magazines ,internet,news and all other medium which can reach out to mass population. We depend on them for the fastest and latest mews update.We demand they provide.It shows the true color of anything be it a politician.They may feel invaded when their scams n scandals come out but we need to know what they do with public money.

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