Is mass migration from developing to developed countries a good thing?

  • Our country is our mother....

    I don't think its good to migrate from our country to another because its our country where we grew up who taught us everything. So, as a citizen of our country its our duty to pay back for what our country gave us.If we will leave our country the education our country gave s for its development will be worth!!

  • Why should some people live better life, just because they were lucky enough.

    People in developed countries think that it is their right to live a better life because they were lucky enough to born in their perfect world. And other people in developing countries should suffer in their own countries. But this is not how it should be. The power of being a human is you can change your own luck and achieve what the lucky ones think only they are entitled to. Sometimes a cab driver in a developed country have a much better life than a doctor in a developing country. Life quality should be determined by your hard work, not by how lucky you are.

  • Migration helps in improving living standards

    It helps in improving living standards, for acquiring better education and enables different cultures to interact with each other. This will help in reducing mis- conception and assisting in establishment and promotion of the idea of globalization. Moreover, Superior knowledge from developed society helps in improving living standards and life.

  • Mass migration from developing countries to developed countries helps the less-developed populations out of poverty, as the migrants send a lot of money home to their extended families.

    Mass migration from developing countries to developed countries helps the less-developed countries in many ways. First, the migrants send much of their income back to their extended families, helping them climb from poverty and build their own industries. Second, there is less burden on the developing nations' infrastructure, as the people have moved away.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet
  • Migration from developing to developed countries helps provide workers for developed countries.

    Many developed countries have aging populations whose costs for health care and retirement are rapidly growing. Birth rates are not high enough to keep up with the need for more workers to support the elderly. Increased immigration from developing countries can provide the workers needed to support them. It also helps relieve population pressure in developing countries, as well as an increased income in those countries as remittances are sent back by workers who have emigrated.

    Posted by: NorbeChiari
  • I do not think mass migration from developing to developed countries is a good thing, because the result of intellectual flight is a country left less prepared to make progress toward becoming a developed country.

    Mass migration generally occurs when conditions become intolerable and hopeless. Children of upper-class individuals in developing countries have usually already been sent off to college in a developed country before things turn ugly in their home country. Alternately, they may decide they simply do not want to return to a place where living conditions may not be as cosmopolitan as those in the developed country where they obtained their education. Either way, by the time they have graduated, they may be unwilling to return home, and are then old and educated enough to support themselves alone. This leaves the current leadership without forward-thinking successors, and the probable negative effects of that would trickle down relatively fast for the general population. Before a mass migration of the general population occurred, there would be a more subtle migration of people who could afford to leave. This would leave even fewer people capable of progressive governance, resulting in even worse conditions for the people who did not migrate.

    Posted by: KChristian72
  • No, it puts an unfair burden on the developed country.

    Mass migrations hurt the countries that get flooded with the immigrants. These countries aren't prepared to take on the added influx of people. It hurts the developing country too, because their growth and development depends on having a population to boost its economy and help it to restructure. People want to go where they can have a better life, but sometimes it's at a cost that they might not really realize.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I support immigration. All people deserve the chance at a better life.

    I support immigration, and I support the rights of immigrants. Many people who migrate to a new country are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. All people deserve that chance. I don't feel that people can own land, or dictate who can and who can't live there. I believe that the earth is for all people and animals to share jointly together. I believe that all people should be treated with respect and dignity.

    Posted by: lachika
  • Freedom of association is a good thing, we should be moving back and forth to equalize the knowledge and money in both areas.

    If my people and my wife's family's people had not moved here, this place would not be a developing part of the world, we became a powerful nation because of the contributions of the people who came with their skills, work ethics, and new ideas. Sometimes the ideas started here when one group met another and the cultures together added up to more than either one alone. Why leave people in poverty where they cannot succeed when they can come here and be part of the part of the world that works?

    Posted by: groovybox
  • Mass migration isn't always good - it can be harmful to all countries involved.

    When the population of a country goes up very fast, there are more people there than there are jobs, housing, and food available. Instead of encouraging or discouraging mass migration, we should help to improve the situation of those living in developing countries. You can't blame someone from wanting to escape a horrible life. We should try to improve it.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • La solucion no esta en la inmigracion.

    Soy inmigrante, de decendencia inmigrante,
    Como inmigrante, sali de mi pais por politica, sali del pais que me acogio para otro para sentirme un poco como en mi pais de nacimiento.
    La slucion no esta en ir como nmigrante ilisito y solicitar derechos que no reclaman en el suyo.
    Las fabricas de EEUU, por ejemplo, se las llevaron para paises latino americanos,empezaron en los finales de los 80..y quedaron muchos sin trabajo y no detubo la inmigracion, hoy en dia porlos tratados, se siguen llevando fabricas para paises 3er mundista y hay mas desempleo en EEUU y no se detiene la inmigracion,
    Recien llego a costa rica, La Boston Scientific" y cerraron en Miami, cientos de desempleados y no se detiene la inmigracion....
    Porque si tantas fabricas manufactureras, han salido de EEUU y eso crece el decempleo, y no detiene la inmigracion? Porque...esos paises includos los EEUU, fabrican los mismos productos en China Comunista, Donde los obreros trabajan por casi nada...y ya Honduras no fabrica Ropa ni otros productos, Ni Mejico partes Elecretronicas, y otros productos asi todos los paises pobres...Nos Nicaraguences inmigran para costa rica donde son tratados como gentes de tercera, los mejicanos..tratan a los que inmigran a su pais como no personas, pues los esclavizan prostituyen roban o matan y todos quieren Inmigrar a los EEUU(Pais es cual odian y desprecian en su gran mayoria)
    El problema esta en los gobiernos los de derechas y los de izquierda...Ellos son o se hacen mas ricos mientras el pueblo cada ves mas pobre.pidan y exijas lo qs derechos y reclamos que hacen en los EEUU.
    Exijan romper relaciones comerciales y de inmigrantes Chinos, que regrecen las fabricas a los paises de origen...

  • Improving the standard of living in all countries would be a better solution.

    If there are too many immigrants moving to a developed country, the pattern seems to be that they form their own communities in that country where they are with people and food and customs that are comfortable. That slows down their assimilation into the new country. It is much better if smaller numbers come into the developed countries, and then earn money and skills that they can take back to their home country and help their original country develop and improve life there.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Mass migration to developed nations does not solve any long term problems plaguing the developing world.

    While individuals profit a good deal from migrating from a developing nation to a developed nation, the long term effects of mass migration negatively impact all concerned. Developed nations provide many opportunities, but these opportunities eventually become filled at which point an overabundance of immigrants exist. When this occurs, a mass migration away from developed nations comes about.

    Posted by: ButEasy
  • Mass migration from a developing to a developed country usually is not a good thing because these people take away jobs.

    People who migrate from developing to developed countries are migrating because their conditions are really bad and they can not find work. When they come to a developed country, they are willing to work at very low wages and therefore this ends up skewing the pay and taking away jobs from those who have lived there.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Mass migration is not a good thing, at least not for the receiving country, because it burdens the existing social systems.

    Mass migration to developed countries overburdens the systems and society of the developed country. All of the people who are migrating have to be accommodated for. At the same time, life must go on, as close to usual as possible, for those already living in the developed country. Immigrants must receive health care, jobs, education and continuous food, shelter, and clothing. The communities that the immigrants have to live in must be able to communicate with them and respond to their needs. The introduction of an immigrant to a developed country, here and there, is far less taxing on the community and its resources, than a mass migration would be. A mass migration means an overhaul of the way that the society in which they are entering operates.

    Posted by: gnorknik
  • I do not believe mass migration from LDCs to MDCs is a good thing.

    This is as the limited amount of skilled workers in developing countries, once educated, move abroad to developed countries. This worsens the poverty cycle as doctors and trained workers who are needed in their country of origin, move to better living conditions. Instead of mass migration, improved medical facilities and medical staff should be put in place to support developing countries, to fix the problem instead of escape and worsening the issue.

  • I oppose policies promoting the mass migration of people from developing to developed countries as the sheer volume prevents assimilation into the prevailing culture and economies of the developed country.

    Mass migration of people from developing to developed countries denies both parties the advantages of the migration. The sheer volume of people from the developing countries overwhelms the limited opportunities to assimilate into the culture and economy that are readily available. This leads to segregation of the new population and resulting misunderstandings on both sides of the equation. The advantage that new cultural blending could provide are lost and the new migrants are denied any real opportunity to contribute to the existing society in a positive manner. Instead their position becomes a negative drag to both parties, creating friction and economic chaos.

    Posted by: 5h4yBrigh
  • Migration itself is a bad thing and mass migration is really bad.

    No, I disagree that mass migration from developing to developed countries is a good thing. A country has been built upon the certain set and limited source of natural resources. And when there is mass migration the developed countries would have some very serious problems. The government mayn't be able to provide the requisite the social services to the poor. There may not be adequate food grains,health care,health & hygiene and safe drinking water and other problems like unemployment and housing are other major issues which the government has to face.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Mass migrations generally unbalance conditions no matter where people are migrating from or to.

    Mass migrations from developing countries occur when conditions in those countries force people to leave to find a better life, a better income and a better future for their families. This tends to overwhelm the infrastructure of the country where they are going. A better idea may be to support the population in their original country.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • Mass migration from a developing country to a developed one is not a good thing.

    First of all mass migration could put a large burden on the country that is already developed. For instance if the poverty population was already high and those migrating did not have someway to provide for themselves it would cause a financial burden for some. For the most part those from a underdeveloped country do not have the means to prosper in an already developed country with out a lot of hard work and drive. It could be very difficult for a migrant to get adjusted to the way a developed country works. Secondly...if a mass migration from the developing country was to happen who is going to finish the developing?

    Posted by: w00tboycomic

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