Is massively open online education a threat (yes) or a blessing (no)?

  • Yes, depends on context

    In the present context of the world, at least in regions where the majority of people have access to low cost computers & Internet I think it's a blessing, given the high cost of education. Other than the low cost, online option gives the chance for learners to select courses from different providers, otherwise if it is the conventional school/university you don't have a choice, you have to take what is provided, no matter what is the quality of education.
    Also, it allows you to learn at your own pace, at the time you like, etc. So online learning is more flexible than conventional learning which has set hours and venue for lecturers/classes.
    Moreover, it cultivate the habit of self-learning, which is a skill a successful person has to practice throughout life and make the learner more independent and capable person.

  • Yes , it is a threat!

    Every one should have to go to a school, its disciplinary to get up eat breakfast get a routine and go to school, as well as the requirements these teachers have to achieve to teach are important, to learn online in my opinion is LAZY yes I said it, not to mention the society is becoming so, it will be less motivational to read a course online, no offence to people that create these courses

  • Yes, massively open online education is a threat to our education system.

    For all of its problems, our education system has safeguards in place to make sure that someone who decides to receive an education from a traditional school receives a decent-quality education. Teachers have to meet certain requirements to be hired and schools have to meet certain requirements in order to be accredited. There isn't as much of a formal system governing online education. Some of these courses may be great, but what's stopping someone from creating a course that's positively terrible?

  • Massive online open courses are a harm to the world.

    My reason is because the people of the United States need to be educated at least in order to get a job. Most people need to find a way to have contact with nature and people around them. Without environmental contact, how will those children know how to deal with problems involving the outside?

  • Massively open online education could help reduce education costs

    Massively open online education could provide competition in an industry that sorely needs it. The increase in costs of higher education have far outpaced most other industries, and education is becoming a luxury item. Open online education could help by broadening access to education. There will still be demand for quality, and assuming there are some standardizations, people could get quality education at a lower price. Increasing access to alternatives to brick-and-mortar institutions will force those traditional schools to be more competitive, and reduce their costs as a result.

  • No, massively open on line education is not a threat.

    Have the option of massively open on line education is a blessing for many reasons. One reason is this could significantly lower the cost of quality education. Another reason is an open on line education could bring a quality of education to rural areas that would be impossible other wise. Lastly it gives parents that choose to home school a lot more viable education options.

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