Is masturbation a natural thus acceptable behavior?

  • Masturbation is a harmless practice.

    All the medical studies conducted regarding the effects of masturbation has unanimously agreed that it doesn't pose any threat to our body. Infact, It have some advantages such as reduced chance of prostrate cancer and relieving stress. It is unfortunate that this innocuous and healthy habit have been stigmatised for a long time by many religions. But, If we get addicted to it and forgets all our duties, It turns to be harmful.

  • Useful and nice.

    Start masturbating at 15.Never more than one session per week(rarely two but than paused two weeks.) When married stopped for a few months but started again with a ratio of about two masturbations per months(also about two times per week making love to my wife.)Feeling of guilt but also,admit,sometimes masturbation better then regular sex.

  • It doesn't cause any real problems, so it's fine

    Masturbation doesn't harm anyone at all, so why is it bad? Don't say any crap like "Oh but it says in the bible that it's bad!" If you're going to say it's wrong, I'd prefer you state an actual problem that it causes, because, otherwise I don't see any actual problems.

  • A natural thing.

    It is a natural thing, but anything beyond limit is not good for anybody. It actually gives relief from stress and results in relaxation. This in turn is good psychologically. It can result in avoiding so many problems in society, which I cannot mention here. Restricting ourselves too much is not good for general health and mental health.

  • It has been around since the primates' age

    "It's having sex with the person you love the most" It's not dangerous in any way, relieves stress and yes, it is natural. Although other natural things are dangerous, masturbation is part of human nature and part of growing up and puberty. So pipe down with your fractionally old religious arguments.

  • Pleasure, control and commitment

    Masturbation in the teen, puberty years, enhances the future when control and pleasure of oneself can be brought forward in love and sexual pleasure with a partner. Whether the masturbation is by a male of female it helps that person to first understand their own body and where pleasure is obtainable and to instruct their partner in later life so that their love can blossom. Experimentation always nearly leads to perfection but what is masturbation other than experimentation before commitment to intercourse.

  • Yes masturbation is a natural and healthy thing to do

    Masturbation is a thing which is self taught there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is nobody who has not done it or has not enjoyed it. Masturbation is just another basic bodily function which needs to be addressed. It is a safe form of sex and also has good health benefits there is no shame so lay back and enjoy.

  • Yes, until you....

    Yes, until you start doing it in public. I just don't want to see that. Even fetuses get aroused and self-stimulate. A biologically unhealthy libido is one that will not get an erection during sleep and men typically have wet dreams and/or self-stimulate at night every two to five weeks if they aren't masturbating in the day. The nervous system naturally functions to produce arousing erections which are as uncontrollable as salivation and crapping. Happy wanking!

  • Yes it's natural. Did someone show you how or did you figure it out with no additives??

    Animals, men ,and women all partake. If you ask a woman if she masturbates? And she says no. RUN she is lying!!! Anyone who is disgusted by this act is either lying to themselves or in a cult . Wink twice if they are hurting you. I'll contact the authorities and we will start bringing you back to reality.

  • It relieves stress

    Masturbation is natural. It helps relieve stress in most people, some even claim it helps them feel better. Masturbation also helps you figure out about your body, feel more comfortable in your own skin, and what turns you on. How do you expect to have sex when you don't even know what makes you feel good?

  • Jebus said it was wrong

    It says in the bible you little anti christ satanists. Grow up and get a wife and stop funking your junk. Mum caught me once and since then I have cried every night. Do not do it you will regret it and you're step dad will come in every night looking to do it with you with his butt plug. Rape is not fun, masturbation causes rape and racism. By masturbating you are a rapist and racist.

  • No, Masturbation is not a natural

    I believe masturbation is not a natural activity.... I mean we need a partner to satisfy our sextual desires....When you masturbate it shows that you don't have any sextual partner or you are habitual to watch porn (Monkey See Monkey Do....) thats why you do it.....whatever the reasons for that.... I believe that Intercourse is Natural do it in the Natural Way....
    Logic is Simple... Try to Analyse it....

  • While it may be natural, it is not acceptable, because it is nothing more than a way to pleasure yourself.

    Masturbation is nothing more than a way to pleasure yourself. However, it is one of the basest forms of pleasure that exist in life. There are many greater, more valuable and important ways of having pleasure in your life. There are artistic accomplishments and career pursuits. Masturbation is a gateway to wasting your life addicted to sex and its baser pleasures, which should only be appreciated and enjoyed with a spouse.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • What's the point of this question?

    Whether masturbation is natural or not doesn't really mean anything. Arrogance, greed, corruption, even wars are part of human nature. Does that mean they should all be acceptable behaviors? The question should be is masturbation a good practice? My answer to that is no. Masturbation, when you break it down, is really sex with yourself. Sex feels really good is because it is needed for babies, it is needed for humans to survive as a species. That's why releasing sperm is really enjoyable to men. When you release from masturbation, your brain receives a massive surge of dopamine and the reward circuitry gets messed up, because you feel really good without actually doing something that is good. It turns people more inwards.

  • No, that is fallacious.

    One cannot make an argument that says something is "natural thus acceptable." That is an appeal to nature fallacy. Masturbation may very well be natural. Masturbation may very well be acceptable. However, to make the claim that there is a correlation between the two is a use of flawed logic.

  • No

    I feel that masterbation is a manipulation of the body by humans, not a natural thing. People get nothing from nothing and something from something. Nobody was born with a condom on their penise. Nobody naturally has babies with the opposite sex.
    Go ahead scoff and don't listen cause that is just what your going to do. Your going to go with the old "majority vote" that you always do. OR you will commit the eveng greater error via "origin" because you think I'm a blind person. Either way its either true or its either false.

  • Substitute for love

    I personally see it as a substitute for shared pleasure that was designed for procreation. Yes, we might not have as much need for multiple descendants as once did, but that shouldn't mean that we should take up self-love before that of others.

    I guess you could say I'm selfish when it comes to my partners... I wish to share in their pleasure. Is that such a bad thing? My sexual identity revolves entirely around my partner and therefore I feel that my pleasure should be with/for/because of that person and that person alone.

    It's sort of like going from monogamy (bear in mind I don't mean the exact kind that Christianity promotes, just the procreation kind), to sologamy (self love), and finally to polygamy.

    While I do agree that polygamy is natural in the bodily/procreation sense, I find the love aspect disquieting... I for one could not find it within myself to devote my time and love to more than one person. It just would be fair.

    I guess it depends on your view of what is nature. But I definitely equate masturbation with polygamy however it is not as natural as it does not lend itself to furthering our species.

  • Masturbation is a substitute for the insertion and thrusting of a male's penis.

    First lets discuss the word natural. Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. Like a tree growing apples, or a child hitting puberty. A more relevant example would be an orgasm.

    Masturbation requires you to use your hands, fingers, everyday objects, or dedicated sex toys.

  • It is addictive due to modern pornography.

    Sex is good when both participants love each other. Masturbation is different. Masturbation is only a substitution for intimacy and love. It is a smaller version of taking cocaine. It is more insidious because so many find it acceptable. There are too many addicted to masturbation mainly due to the explosion of pornography. It has decreased the quality of life for many, including those in the pornography industry.

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