• Yes for the

    Simple reason everything is a sin in the book of fairytales , unless it's praising the bully himself.Everything is a sin unless your God then you can kill men, women , children for your own pleasure , and not forgetting some child sacrifices and rape all fine .... Once your the great dictator , but remember he loves everyone ..... Yeah right .

  • The thought is father to the deed

    Any form of sexual activity whether between two unmarried people orone alone, is a sin because ti betrays immoral thoughts.

    Ephesians 5:3-5
    Matthew 5:27,28

    The point being that without the immoral thoughts that accompany it, and in fact are necessary to make it possible, there is no masturbation therefore masturbation is a sin and the evidence of a sin.

    It has nothing to do, however, with the famous story of Onan spilling his seed on the ground. That was a whole other sin, and one directly against God rather than just against oneself, as masturbation is. By doing what he did Onan was refusing his responsibility of Brother-in Law marriage under the mosaic Law, a law designed to protect and care for widows.

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gordonjames says2013-05-31T10:30:03.513
The topic is not directly covered in scripture.
Here are two things to consider

1. Story of Tamar and Onan - Genesis 38
Tamar was married to Er. He died before they had children.
Onan (Er's brother) was commanded by his father (and scripture) to sire children for her.
(He was also required to support her and any children she might have.
This was the equivalent of welfare in those days, Onan should have provided support and a future for her)

In Gen 8:9 it says that he did not want to do his duty so he pulled out so she would not get pregnant.
This is not a story about masturbation so much as about social responsibility and disobedience to father.

2. Biblical teaching on lustful thoughts and actions towards someone you have no marriage commitment with.
In the case of most scripture it is the actions that are judged.

Let me know if you want me to post further on point 2