Is math a real concept or a language engineered by humans?

Asked by: haloman1999
  • No it's there regardless....

    The names may have been created but clearly the actual math is something that is just there. How do you think we can shape geography. Literally take 3 fingers and put one down.. Math is literally the change in sequence of a define pattern. How could humans create that? You may not be able to see it but math is deeply constructed in the universe and everything else is open to changes except for actual mathematical sequences.

  • It was discovered, not invented.

    Math was a discovery. The reasons why other animals don't seem to do math is because they are not intelligent enough to do it. Math has been able to show and prove many natural concepts in the universe and on Earth, which shows that math is a part of the natural concepts of the universe. Many scientific theories have math as a part of showing why something can be. Math is a discovery, just like many of the things in science are.

  • Mathematics is a real concept.

    The most certain knowledge we have, the knowledge of mathematics, could not have come from sense perception:

    1. In geometry we have access to perfect squares and circles, but no such objects exist in the material world.

    2. We can know truths such as 2+2=4 without having to check our experience of the material world.

    The objects that we think about in mathematics must be real, since they are most certain. Since they could not exist in the material world, there must be another realm in which they exist that is even more real, the realm of forms.

  • "Math" has always existed

    It depends on the inflection of this question, the principle behind math has always existed and will always exist as it applies to fundamental existence of time, matter and all that stuff (at least in our universe, but let's not go there). Math is very simply about patterns, and the "rules" behind those patterns. Before humans existed 1+1 still equaled 2. 1+1=2 is just the human way of representing that particular rule so that we can understand it and show it to other humans.

  • Math is Legit

    Math is very relevant to real life and has so many applications. We see geometric patterns in nature and more. We simply discovered it. Math and science are based off observations. The beauty of math is proof that it exists. 1+1=2 is true for animals too, so it can't just be manmade.

  • No math is man made

    The dinosaurs did not add or count, which was the dominant species of their time. There was no connection to the past that there was math. It seems that this debate does not in fact is popular. I wish it was, because this is a very good debate. )8 Well bye for now 8)

  • Assuming you meant concept.

    As stated already, math is a human construct. There can be two of something, there can be half of something, but there is no physical manifestation of "two-ness" which exists outside humans perceiving the natural world and apply their own patterns to it in order to explain phenomena.

    That said it is a very useful tool, one which coupled with scientific method has moved humanities technological progress by leaps and bounds.

  • Did you mean 'constant'?

    Maths is a human construct. Simple as. It evolved from necessity within early advanced societies. Aborigines were without any number systems, as were some newly discovered tribes. They could not tell you how many were in their family. 1=1=2 is in your head. How is a big man and a small man, two of the same. Have a think?

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