• Math is Problem Solving

    When you are in high school you might ask yourself, "Why do I need to do this?" or "When will I ever use these skills?" I thought the same thing when I was in high school until a great math teacher answered the question saying, "It trains your problem solving skills." Just like that it all made sense and it is true. Math is basically logic in its purest form and logic is necessary to solve problems. You may not actually use the majority of the math equations you learn in high school math but it still trains your logical thinking and problem solving skills that apply to everyday life and when crises arise. Math is very important for someone needs problem solving skills and I think that applies to everyone.

  • You use math every day

    A TV that costs $249.99 is on a discount of 40%. The sales tax is 8%. You have $160 in your wallet. Do you have enough money to buy it?

    A recipe calls for 1.5 oz of tequila for a drink of 4 ounces. You plan to make half a gallon of it for a party you're having. How much tequila will you need to go buy?

    You take four courses -- chemistry, history, english, and calculus --and you have the grades of 2.0, 3.7, and 2.7 in the first three. What grade do you need to get in calculus to have at least a 3.0 GPA?

    You eat four Oreos out of a pack that has 30. How many are left?

    Look at all the stuff you can't possibly do without math.

  • You need math to have an important job.

    If you are a young student, you might think that it is boring and is just a waste of time. Well, you can become an important person if you are successful in math. To become a doctor, you might need to do some calculations to prescribe the amount of medicine a person need. You might think a calculator may help you, but a calculator might not be available. You need to be good at math even as a cashier at McDonald or at Ralph's because the cash register is broken and a customer doesn't have all day. Math can make you a very intelligent person, too. Life might be boring in you childhood, but when you are mastered in education and get a successful job, you can have more fun because you earn enough money to go on vacations.

  • Of course yes!

    Maths is the fundament of logic. In the simplest way I can think of, maths helps me to make other tasks more efficiently. Also, it is a lot of fun (in my opinion). I understand that people may think it's useless, but in reality, it's been given too little credit for what it is. Maths is brainfood.

  • Duh of course it is!

    Questions like this just make me sick. Math is like the main subject of school, as well as English. You may see that in some schools some subjects are omitted and in other school, different subjects will be omitted. But not math! Math will be in every school you find. I can scarcely believe this question was asked.

  • Maths is not very important

    In our daily life we need to solve many complex problems . It does't mean that we take stress and think why we are not able to do it. Without books we can have it's knowledge by just seeing around us and trying to find answer , we'll surely get the answer . By my opinion a student can take another subject if he didn't like maths

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