• Mathematical ability is innate

    I do believe that the mathematical ability is definely innate because i know alot of people that have just never had an issue understanding math and have never had to be taught they can see it once and no completely how the whole problem is worked out in the end.

  • Your are good at it or not

    Its like being an artist, You are good at it or you are not. I worked long and hard at math and still did poorly at it while my classmates whizzed by with little studying. The people who disagree with me tend to be those who are good in math while those who agree are those who have struggled.

  • It is innate.

    Mathematics is innate. Humans would have to have some unconscious understanding of maths in order to walk , in order to Co-ordinate their bodies to function and walk around , to judge distance and time . I believe the actual ability to build buildings , draw patterns has to be innate . Because we dont have concious thoughts of the calculations to carry out unconcious decisions .. E.G walking . The way we communicate is mathematical .. From symbols in history to the complex equations we see now. Our understanding of mathematics , in my opinion has evolved, and will continue to evolve , but I believe we are restricting ourselves by the way we interpret these calculations and we have not yet understood just how deeply innate mathematics is biologically intergreted. It would be interesting to study if those who are capable of understanding complex equations, also have better reasoning and co-ordination skills.

  • Mathematical ability is innate.

    Sure, people can excel in math through studying and hard work, but some people are just naturally accelerated in the math department. The anatomy of your brain can determine your abilities and talents. Some people are just naturally better at certain things than others, just like any other talents. I believe that mathematical ability is innate.

  • The perception of mathematics is innate.

    Because there is undeniable historical examples of it. This fact does not change just because some people have succeeded in mathematics by studying hard. People who are apt in mathematics are not born with the knowledge of trigonometry or logarithms to be sure. But mathematics is as some mathematicians state, is a very different kind of reasoning. This makes it something different from the common sense intelligence. Besides there are again examples of savant mathematicians, who are very inapt at doing daily mental life requirements. As I stated there are undeniable historical examples of this fact and just because there are people who later developed their mathematical knowledge we cannot ignore those examples of genius mathematicians.

  • It is not inate

    Mathematical ability is not innate. Many people that study long hours and put in many hours of research, have benefitted from their hard work and their math ability improves. People that think that mathematic ability is innate are discounting the importance of studying and hard work. These characteristics should be cherished.

  • No, math is something you learn.

    You can be born to be good at math, but you cannot be born with math installed in your brain. One must learn these equations and solutions over time. Sure, some people are better at it than others, but they were not born knowing math and for sure were not any smarter mathematically than their neighbor in class.

  • No: Mathematical Ability is Not Innate

    It is true that mathematical ability is something individuals may be predisposed for. But like a seed, that ability must be watered and nurtured. One who has little "natural" ability in mathematics, if given the proper instruction and positive feedback, can outperform one who seems to have a talent for it, but whose circumstance prevent that talent from developing. Therefore, any ability, mathematical or otherwise, is not something that is possessed, but is a relationship that is cultivated through environment and teacher.

  • No It Isn't

    I do not believe mathematical ability is innate. I believe it is possible for some people to naturally pick up math better than others, but I don't think that is the case for everyone. I believe it is possible to learn without an innate ability. I have also read that some people have anxiety associated with math and that generally works against them, suggesting that maybe its not an innate mathmatically ability that's present, but just a lack of anxiety regarding it.

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