• Maths helps you understand

    Focusing purely on statistics, having a good understanding of statistics can help you realise how often it is abused. Advertisers and campaigners frequently use unreliable or deliberately misleading statistics that provide a very compelling, but ultimately flawed, arguments. Understanding maths and statistics can help to see beyond that to see what the evidence actually says, rather than what it is presented to say. So yes, in a world with an increasing focus on data and statistics, maths is very important in trying to make sense of it all and making sure you aren't fooled!

  • Yes to a degree

    A person should have some basic foundation when it comes to mathematics in their lives because they are completely surrounded in it. If they do not have a basic understanding of how math works in the world around them they may be abused by other people if they know this person does not have an understanding.

  • Math is still needed.

    Math is still needed as it will always be needed. Thankfully we have tools such as calculators, internet, and phones which can help us when we need it but these are just tools. The basic knowledge of mathematical concepts is still needed. If you want to balance your checkbook, you need to know whether to add or subtract. A computer isn't going to tell you that.

  • Math is not NEEDED

    You will not need math for your every day life because it depends on what your career will be in the future. You also don't need math because you won't be doing line segments or multiplying in the middle of dinner or during a funeral. My other contention would be you the only thing math should be used for is for other subjects like math so you can add up protons, neutrons and electrons or you can use it for social studies so you can count the amount of years since the last ice age

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