• He'll always be my favourite

    He's witty, funny, happy; which is great. That's what I want The Doctor to be like. His relationship with his companions is great. He is by far the funniest Doctor ever! Also, probably because he was in my favourite series ever; which is Series 5. David was also good but he acted too human - if you get what I mean.

  • The most wonderful doctor!

    He is old and young at the same time. Although he looks young, he really behaves and talks like he's really really old some times. He conveys his emotions so well that I'm always so affected by his acting. He has the coolest and funniest lines! He also looks alien.

  • He IS the best, and here's why.

    I have been watching DW for a very long time. I have seen just about every Doctor. And, Matt Smith is no doubt the best. His range is amazing. At times he is silly, happy, and fun. But, he can also be a very tragic and contemplative. There has never been an episode in which he turns in a bad performance. He is complete perfection in the role and transforms every single scene he’s in. David Tennant was a brilliant actor, but you could tell the man was acting. Matt Smith IS the Doctor, and yes, he is even better than the universal favorite Tom Baker. Sorry, Tom. :(

  • Witty and Intelligent

    Matt hasn't always had the best scripts to work with, but he has amazing charisma and screen presence. He is an outstanding Doctor and I will be so disappointed when he leaves. The last series really gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his skills though. His chemistry with Clara is perfect - so much better than Amy Pond, who I never liked as a character. You're amazing Matt!

  • He is a brilliant actor with a great script

    The scripts for season 5 onwards are superb and Matt fits the role perfectly. A wacky doctor (reminds me of the absent minded professor), genuinely funny and in his serious moments, I hold my breath. Even though the idea of the time traveler is brilliant, the previous seasons had terrible scripts that didn't make sense and that didn't really help any of the previous doctors.

  • Completely, he is the Best!

    He is the most alien of all the doctors and seems to never run out of advice. That is the main reason for me liking him the best.
    However, I also enjoy his ability to go from such s fun-loving, friendly guy to serious in a heartbeat. To me, this truly shows his age better than any other doctor.
    I also may be a little biased, because he was my first Doctor :), but all in all I truly prefer him to all others including tenant.

  • Matt Smith is the best doctor and always will be

    He is the best doctor because he has so much passion doing this show and he is so funny too. He has amazing acting skills and I would not want to replace him. Matt Smith is my favorite doctor of all the doctors, even David Tenant. All of the doctors have been really good but Matt just has something that the other doctors didn't. Maybe it is because he is the youngest one to play the doctor and he is able to get out there with the younger viewers. Many people I talk to that are around 14 or 15 all talk about the show doctor who and when I first watched it no one my age would ever talk about this show and now I hear it in so many peoples conversations. Ask younger viewers and see what they say.

  • Yes he is!

    He is the best actor to play the Doctor so far in my opinion and portrays both the alien quality the Doctor should have and the "old person in young body" quality extremely well. I'd like him to play the Doctor forever... I wish Matt had better scripts (although Steven Moffat's scripts are usually perfect, the output of other writers is uneven, especially in the current series 7). And he is very good-looking too.

  • David Tennant was the best!!

    Although I do like Matt Smith's Doctor, I think Tennant gave a better performance and had more of an emotional side to him than Smith. Who can forget his heart-breaking moment at the end of Series 2's finale as he says goodbye to Rose? Although Matt Smith has offered the series some humour, it was Tennant's Doctor that stays in my heart as the classic doctor.

  • Matt Smith is excellent, but he is not the best Doctor.

    Although Matt Smith's Eleven is charming and somewhat more alien in personality, he lacks the emotional depth of David Tennant's character. Ten was equally funny, yet also demonstrated immense compassion and tenacity that Eleven lacks. Eleven can be silly and whimsical at times when solemnity would be more appropriate, and doesn't fit the role of "hero" as well as Ten did. Although I do think he's fabulous, I don't think he is the best of them all.

  • David Tennant was better.

    David Tennant had better acting on the more dramatic emotional parts. He was better at showing that he actually cared for the people he loved. He portrayed the sad, almost everyone in my life has gone, part of the Doctor. Matt Smith is a little too happy with his part. There is not much sense of sadness on his part. Also Matt Smith does not act as well as Tennant. During the emotional scenes he actually has not much emotion. I think the best emotional acting we have seen from Matt Smith is when Amy and Rory died. David Tennant played his part brilliantly. He was funny but also there was sense of sadness there too.

  • 11 is great, but...

    Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor was by far the best doctor. He revived the series and managed to do a brilliant job as Doctor with only 13 episodes to work with.

    He brought the show back, plain and simple. He has a level of ability that eleven can't seem to match, no matter how hard he tries.

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Ragnar says2013-05-07T03:02:33.147
In a sense yes... But the main factor is personal preference.