• Its not about players

    It's about the freakin team if cavaliers is strong then they're strong basketball is about teamwork but i do agree that he is not yet the one of the strongest players but still basketball is not about JUST the player but THE players and the other staff and also I'm 13 FYI :)

  • Matthew Dellavedova Rising Star Player

    Despite some recent negativity regarding his playing style, Matthew Dellavedova has been a key player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In his very first season, Dellavedova was an essential part of the team's win over the Detroit Pistons with 21 points and 6 assists. On May 14, 2015, Dellavedova prooved his worth further by scoring a team-high 19 points and helped defeat the Chicago Bulls to advance to the Conference Finals. In the absence of injured Kyrie Irving during the NBA Finals, Dellavedova scored a play-off career high with 20 points to take the series lead. Not only his consistent game play but also his career growth suggest Dellavedova is truly a rising star.

  • Yes, Matthew Dellavedova is one of the Cavaliers' strongest players

    Matthew Dellavedova is highly underrated for his basketball skills and is often, in my opinion, overshadowed by LeBron James' spotlight. Although Dellavedova has recently been in a spot of bad press for a previous game, he has redeemed his name and reputation in the finals. If Matthew was not one of the Cavaliers' strongest players, he would not have been named one of the NBA finals' heroes.

  • He cost the Hawks

    Okay, I'll admit as a salty Atlanta fan, this may sound baised. But Dellavediver as we call him here was an even bigger flopper than King Flop, LeBron James. Not to mention he played so dirty, I wash myself, my eyes, and even my car, in the rain just to get it off. Again salty Atlanta fan, but that's my opinion. But in all honesty, they still lost so who cares?

  • Dellavedova is a passing fancy.

    Matthew Dellavedova has had a few helpful performances with star Kyrie Irving currently sidelined. He is not one of the Cavs' strongest players simply because if Irving were not injured, Dellavedova would not be starting. He was not even selected in the NBA draft - that means a lot. No undrafted player has ever become a all-star in the NBA.

  • I don't agree that he is one of the strongest players - at least not as yet.

    Matthew Dellavedova put on a brilliant show in the Game 2 performance and another stellar show with his performance in Game 3 but his performance was clearly not expected - this is why words such as stellar and brilliant are in use. He simply put in the work during the games as do the other players and as such saw a positive outcome. This does not cement him as one of the strongest players - at least not yet - not until the unexpected performances becomes the norm.

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