Is Mauritius (not Mauritania) a well known country?

Asked by: cosecant
  • Of course it is

    I know about it, in fact I would say most people from my country know about it. So perhaps its an island that is only known when it is nearer your country. Or like other African countries, no one knows where anything is exactly. Nice beaches what more could you want for vacation.

  • I would say not

    I never heard of it. And I'm on the internet a lot. Pretty sure I would have heard of this place with all the news I read. Never been on any destination lists that I can recall. Never been on any news sites I can recall. So I would say its not popular.

  • I live there

    What is Mauritius? Mauritius is an island. Where is it found? In the Indian ocean. Is Mauritius well known? Not much. How do i know this? I live there. Mauritius is a major holiday destination in the Indian Ocean. It is known as The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean. It was formerly a British Colony.

  • No, but it should be

    I never heard of this country before, but after looking it up I am fascinated with it. It is a very inspiring country with many pros and not many cons. The country has an excellent education system, great economy, good government, and modern urban centers. I may have to visit it someday.

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