• They got good burgurs

    Okay, You see the thing about mcdonalds is that they taste good and stuff and because they taste good and stuff there is a bit of light in your blank and meaningless life you pathetic liberal scum who voted against and now I'm rambling which is good some of the time

  • Good for your mouth

    Perhaps it's not ideal for the rest of the digestive system, But in moderation, Nothing that tickles your tastebuds this much could ever be truly unhealthy. Too much of anything can make you sick, But too little of some things can hurt your mind. Remember that next time you chow down on a Chicken Legend.

  • In moderation. Yes.

    The burgers themselves are 100% beef (no preservatives). They come frozen to prevent any bacteria and go right from frozen to being cooked. This again would kill any bacteria. The restaurants and it's food surfaces tend to be kept clean also to prevent contamination. They basically take steps above and beyond what the law requires for food safety. In the end, The customer receives food of good quality for a low and more affordable price that makes it easier for a family on a budget to eat out once in a while.
    As with anything, Too much is never good for you. If McDonald's didn't exist, The same people would likely just over-eat food from some other place or at home. I still think it's funny when you have a rather heavy person (alone) ordering a meal like 2 Big Mac's, A large fry and a large diet coke. Like having a diet soda will somehow subtract the other calories.

  • It is good

    There is food food helps us live it also has a drink and multibles and it helps us live with liquids the mac of the donalds is butifual and insanie and i like itttttt thdfjkgthkjfds thdkfn kvggt thkdjkf jkg gooooooood yas good and deliciouses es ghtkdt i like mac donaldssss

  • I like that

    Mcdo do the best salads ever and i love the big fat milkshakes that they do a very good big mac better than kfc yum yum. I luv their chicken nuggets and they also do a good mc flurry yam yam n n bn n n n n nmn n

  • Mcdonalds is not good for you its junk food

    Eating too much can make you fat and sick and don, T follow mcdonalds commmercals it is a trick for money they cook food in too much oil in food so eat at reastrunts that are not American go to over seas reastrunts like sushi curry soup dinosaur pasta but not macas

  • Of Course not!

    Fast food is loaded with sodium, Saturated/trans fats, And cholesterol. It has been linked to diabetes, And obesity. It has zero health benefits and should be avoided. In fact, It should be criminal for it to be marketed towards kids the way it is. The fast food industry should be sued as the tobacco industry was.

  • No. Even in moderation.

    Even if you moderately eat McDonalds, It's maybe not as bad, But not healthy either. If you want to eat healthy, You're better off making your own food instead of going to a fast food. Sure a fast food is faster, There's no denying that, But eating McDonalds is not healthy, Even in moderation.

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