Is McDonald's inferior to real, home-cooked food?

Asked by: Adam2
  • By a long shot

    Words cannot describe how gross and disgusting McDonald's is. It's the worst, most inferior piece of junk to ever set foot in the world. It's the most disgusting place. It's like picking your nose as a career, for life. Nothing redeemable or good. It's a bad company that got worse and worse and it will always be like that.

  • Yes, no brainer.

    And the picture chosen for the question fits like OJ Simpson's glove. That's how I put two and two together. Every time I get hungry and think of non-food and degrading work situations I imagine a thug with two guns and automatically go to the merits of home cooked meals. Don't we all?

  • I hate it!!!!!!

    Mcdonalds is gross,uneatable,the nuggets are made out of chicken organs. All mcdonalds around the world are a dump, dirty napkins everywhere,uncleaned tables,and dirt all over the floor. The doors squeak the workers are all unlikeable and have a bad attitudes. If you eat there you probably throw up every time. Dont eat there.

  • Real home cooked food" does not indicate quality or nutritional diversity

    The phrase "real home cooked food" is too broad and its interpretation is entirely left down to the reader's experiences. It can be argued that such interpretation would only recall 'traditional' home cooked food- delicious warm dinners cooked by mum or grandma, healthy snacks etc. Due to its broadness however it can be argued that any food cooked at home is real home food. For some people home cooked food may comprise of one food type such as plain white pasta or rice- low in variety and nutritional value. In such cases a McDonald's meal comprised of a burger, carrot sticks and an orange juice will provide better variety and nutrition.

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