Is McDonald's new commercial highlighting messages shown on the restaurant's signs tasteless?

  • McDonald's new advertising campaign borders on the tasteless.

    The new commercial put out by McDonald's that shows different signs at the restaurant franchises around the country borders on tasteless and without merit. These won't make me want to eat there and I believe many others feel the same. McDonald's should rethink this latest marketing ploy and come up with something less tasteless and more effective.

  • No. It's not tasteless

    No. McDonald's new commercial with messages shown on their signs is not tasteless. It's trying to help us remember the tragedies and help us carry on as the song in the ad says. Commercials are supposed to prey on our emotions and I think a lot of people just don't like McDonald's so they are finding reasons to attack them.

  • Don't pay attention

    I don't pay attention to McDonald's advertising. As long as it is not vulgar and profanity ridden, I am sure it is okay. They can advertise however they want to as long as they are not being racist or sexist or prejudiced or anything bad like those things. They should be fine.

  • McDonald's New Message Campaign Is Not Tasteless

    In my opinion the new campaign for McDonald's simply show where the interests of this country are. These are real signs that mean a lot to the people referenced in them. By showing these messages McDonald's is letting us know that they are part of the community because, like it or not, they are.

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