• It's so bad for you

    If you have a little bit of one thing from there every few months then you wont die or get fat or anything... But mcdonalds is so unhealthy for you. Makes fat and doesnt give nutrition. Not to mention all the other bad aspects of their food, it's so terrible.

  • If you say "yes" to this question, then you are CORRECT

    Mcdonalds has caused many people to grow obese, as well as the food is bad, and makes you feel sick. At Mcdonalds, they used to use "pink slime" in their beef patties, as well as the fact that one of their dishes, the hotcake breakfast, contains 65g of fat, which is the maximum you can eat daily. If you add that to the fat you eat other than at Mcdonalds, it is bad for you! In addition to health reasons, Mcdonalds is notorious for having gross and often inedible items in their food. For instance, a 5-year-old once found a human finger in is happy meal! Why would you want to eat a human body part? And lastly, Mcdonalds makes people sick: I have once eaten Mcdonalds on a road trip, and we had to pull over for me to throw up that day. Mcdonalds is unhealthy, and if you eat there, you will become fat enough to make Eric Cartman look like a stick figure!

  • Unhealth and healthy

    Macdonalds food are healthy and unhealthy at the same time. One day it was healthy; it was unhealthy since they found it was unhealthy. In my opinion all foods are unhealthy. They just haven't found what is unhealthy about it, after they find it that food will be unhealthy. Thanks

  • It is not healthy

    I would not say that fast food is extremely unhealthy, but it is not healthy as well. I know that McDonalds keeps to high quality standards, and their reastaurants are really clean, and the personnal is very tidy. But still, this food is full of calories and gives no energy. I would prefer an apple to a cake, and water to cola.

  • It is extremely unhealthy

    McDonald's is extremely unhealthy since they used quite alot of fats in their products. For goodness sakes, even the frigging bun has teaspoons of sugars? The "drinks" however are alright. They of course are diluted with heaps of water before hand. In general, McDonald's food should be eaten a few times a month as a special thing, not casual.

  • McDonald's be gangsta, yo lol

    No, McDonald's in not unhealthy. It's just plain nasty and uneditible food. I don't protest McDonald's because of health reasons. I protest McDonald's because of the gutter trash that it is. Always has been. I'm proud of the fact that I've never eaten a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder or McChicken. They're all outright nasty. McDonald's is the scum of the earth.

  • I d k

    Lol its maby healthy and maby its not who knows but i think that its a bit healthy cuz i saw a video about how potato is made and it was healthy l o l l o l l o l o l ll l l l l l l

  • It's nasty and unhealthy

    It's just plain nasty and very unhealthy if you look up. What's in McDonald's, fries it will have silicon oil the stuff the makes sill putty rubber excetera even the burgers they leave them to decay which in my opinion on there website it says fresh ingredients which is funny to me

  • Its not what you eat its how you live.

    Chad Johnson played in the NFL and was a pro bowler. He ate mcdonalds before every game. Yes you will get fat if you eat McDonalds everyday and not workout. McDonalds has healthy options like salad, so no not all of mcdonalds is unhealthy. Eat what you want and exercise, you should be fine

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Adam2isback says2014-11-06T17:47:52.850
This would be the perfect album for McDonald's
Adam2isback says2014-11-06T17:49:00.157
That could have been their theme album