• We have to eat meat... We are omnivores.

    We are born to eat meat! If we don't eat meat, we would develop maladies sooner or later. And if we weren't meant to eat meat, then we wouldn't need Protein Supplements and Vitamin B12 in a form of a manufactured food or pill because the nutrients you need were meant to be found in nature.

  • We're omnivores biologically.

    Humans are built to be omnivores, not herbivores. Plant proteins simply don't have the same nutritional complement as animal proteins, meaning that it is MUCH harder to have a properly balanced diet as a vegetarian. Which probably explains why there are more of them that are malnourished as a percentage of their population than omnivores- you have to be bizarrely vigilant about everything you eat to get proper nutrient loads.
    There's also the fact that 8 out of 10 vegetarians return to eating meat within 5 years and that when polled, 9 out of 10 admitted to eating meat within the last two weeks of polling.

  • Bacon Bacon Bacon!

    Bacon tastes good. Bacon is meat. Meat is good. That is because bacon is good because it is meat. Therefore meat tastes good. Meat makes you strong. Then you get happy big muscles so you can work out so you can eat even more meat. :) :) :) :) :)

  • Pshaw to that!

    Can't have BBQ sauce without it. We've all gotta go somehow. Bacon is good. Bacon is meat. Thus meat is good. Let's not forget about the most sweetest meat of all. Human. Soylant Greens for everybody! Give me that synthetic meat and it's all good to. It doesn't have to come from an animal. I ain't a picky bugger. Food is food. People are starving. I'm grateful for what I've got and what I can have. (onward pink slime) Mr. Chef man, cook me a chuck, make it the meatiest I've ever.... Ate.

  • Taste yep. Healthwise meh depends on the individual and their needs

    Look to all you vegetarians and vegans out there, i know you will say meat is not necessary/ trash for the body but more me personally its a necessity and some meats are very good and healthy like fish. Meat is also a core source of protein for many individuals and ominvors but then non meat eaters would say fortified stuff/ beans/ tofu etc has that too. In the end , depends on you, i dont care. I like my meat, leave me alone

  • Burgers? Chicken nuggets? Steak? How could meat possibly be bad?!

    Meat in itself is usually good for you. Yes, you can add a fatty sauce/marinade, or fry it, but meat is a lot of protein and feeds many people! It's much easier to eat meat than it is to try to prepare everything vegetarian. For thousands of years humans have eaten meat. It's delicious too! And it's much easier and cheaper to get a burger at a fast food restaurant than it is to buy a vegetarian option!

  • Dead animal is gross

    Humans are omnivores and there's no denying that but in America and in other places middle to upper class people should avoid eating meat. I understand that some people are too poor to not eat meat and that other people can't for medical reasons but if you can become vegetarian you should. Animals have feelings. They get scared when they are being killed. In factory farms animals are beaten and scorched. Do you want to eat that? Fear and pain that animals felt? If you can you should avoid food with a face.

  • Don't think so

    It just dos not fit in my life. I do a lot of hard work and the meat makes me all tired. Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down your fat consumption. It is the fat in meat that does most harm. The healthiness of a vegetarian diet is better then meat eating.

  • Eating large quantities of meat is detrimental to human health.

    A common argument for meat is that humans have been eating meat for a while, so we are meant to eat meat. While eating meat appears to have been an integral part of human evolution. We are increasing our meat and dairy consumption more and more over time and decreasing our plant intake and our bodies are not evolved thrive on our current diet. Heart disease (Americans number 1 killer) and certain types of cancer are virtually nonexistent in countries with a plant based diet. Meat consumption raises igf-1 levels which contribute to the turning on of cancer genes. We humans do not need as much protein as the meat industry will have you believe and sufficient amounts of protein can be obtained in your diet from plant sources (for example, nuts, whole grains, soy). There is a reason why America is so unhealthy, and a large portion of it is a shift away from a primarily plant based diet and a shift towards a diet heavy in animal products, sugar and highly processed foods. Our agricultural system is also greatly harming the environment by the production of all the meat we are eating. It is necessary to decrease our consumption of meat in order to mitigate the damage to our ecosystem and to our individual health.

  • No, it's not

    I'm tired of people saying "We HAVE to or MUST eat meat." For one thing, there are other ways to get protein without eating meat. And if you don't know that, you need to do your research. I haven't ate meat in years and I feel healthier than most people.

  • We Don't Need Meat.

    In the Bible, if you look before the flood that people were supposed to have a vegetarian (or vegan if you will) diet and people did very well. But the reason God permitted to eat meat is because after the flood there was barely any vegetation.Plus the longest living people in the world are vegetarians. E.G Loma Linda, California and Okinawa, Japan. Look up Nat. Geo. Nov. 2005. It shows why some people live longer. I'm not saying we should not eat meat (only some are actually okay Bible: Leviticus 17) but its highly recommended to have a vegetarian diet.

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