Is media bias a threat to American democracy?

Asked by: Jerico555
  • Media is changing the way people think.

    The media changes how people about the American candidates by hashing over things these persons have said and putting their opinion on it.
    People who do not make a real effort to be informed are informed
    They do not tell the whole truth and only the truth. One must look elsewhere and sort out his own"truth"
    They are deliberate in twisting what someone has said into what they want to relay about that person.
    They have created the PC and people are really afraid to say what they think.
    Good debating is no longer used.

  • You could write a book on this (many already have been). All of the answers are obvious.

    You are a fool if you think that the system has not been poisoned by money. Campaign contribution reform is mandatory. We need better representation for constituents and not financial supporters. The Oligarchs have control. Mass media coverage is not diverse, uninformative, and often distractions from the truths. Mass media covers establishment politicians so you can pick the lesser of two evils. This is not how democracy is supposed to work.

  • Yes, conservative media especially threatens American democracy.

    Certain conservative talking heads argue that women should not be allowed to vote, that segregation should be brought back and a plethora of other controversial statements that not only threaten democracy as Americans know it, but also argue for the country to devolve into a state where no progress is made.

  • Media bias has already removed American democracy.

    How many political parties are there in the United States? You probably answered "two", but there are actually many. In the last presidential election, there were three major third parties which all participated in a debate moderated by Larry King himself yet the debate had little to no media attention. The media has convinced everyone that these two parties, which are truly not very different when you examine the policies they enact, are their only options and as long as people remain convinced of that falsehood it remains true. Democracy is dead.

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